Sir T shares an inspiring message on “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!” Brother Rand called in and shared.  Borax, Really?  Yes, Borax has quite an interesting history as a chemical with some extreme health benefits.  We encourage you to research it yourself.  Also, How one Muslim  man’s life was transformed by meeting Christ.  A new translation of the Bible? Look into it – the Cepher.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!”

This week Sir T will be teaching on,  “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!”








Technology & World Highlight:

–Are dinosaurs really extinct or do some still roam in remote areas? The truth and reality of this subject can sometimes be difficult to pin down.Dinosaur caught on Camera





–While most common English language bibles are similar in their texts, could there have been mistakes or omissions in the past that significantly alter the teachings?

What is the את CEPHER? – Full Video

first 11 minutes



–Years ago, borax was a common item found in many laundry rooms. Did you know it has many other uses? How about using it to help arthritis or heal broken bones?

The Borax and Boron Miracle 3 – The Arthritis Cure of Rex Newnham




Ask Your Doctor Today About Voting




New Face of Iran










Brother Rand called in and shared several thoughts with us.



Questions & Comments:

C: Songs really do get people down. 440 HZ is norm for world music, 528 makes a better picture when put into symantics.   Bible says Lucifer has pipes… I bet it would be part of his schemes.

C: I think the community Kingdom needs an (economic?) exchange website to speed up the growth of God’s Kingdom and make it easier for more people to repent of treason economics.

C: (Re: II Corinthians 10:5) Tom Linebaugh  –  We are in political economic and religious Babylonian captivity (because our the people of this world make the error of exalting other things above God almighty).   (However, we are)… in the process of coming out (of that captivity) –  as God Almighty Yahweh brings us out, we are becoming awakened…

C: For every Negative we encounter — look in scripture for an antidote — then have your attitude stand on God’s promises and take appropriate action.

C: Amazing, I heard there are dinosaurs living in the swaps of Africa.

C: Whether they are real or not they have been known about for sometime otherwise they wouldn’t know how they looked in order to put them into the brainwashing movies 🙂

C: Thanks to Brother Ron Emerson for the info on the Cepher translation of the bible!

Q: What was Yashua doing between the age of 8 and 28

C: Bigfoot Hotspot Radio EP11 The Siege at Honobia on youtube is a pretty scary story about Bigfoot. Pretty entertaining though…

C: Best collection of dinosaurs I’ve ever seen. Makes me wonder if these were resurrected (Dolce Base) from DNA samples from frozen fossils.

C: Having a problem with this “Sacred Name” The disciples were beaten for preaching Jesus.

C: There is POWER in God’s name Yod’He’Vav’Heh Ya’wai — Satan knows this. It was Satan’s doing to use the Pharisees to establish this false doctrine that says “Do NOT say God’s name.”   ..thus robbing the people of the God given “power”.

C: There are two laws, the law of Rights and the law of Robbery

C: Dan 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

C: The name holds power. Some New International Versions have verses taken out to take out the name of God. It makes the energetic energy that comes from the Bible Different…

C: Words and Names have meaning or relationship, when you change the name = you change the meaning or value

C: Allegiance is worship

C: Borax is a surfactant which is makes water wetter and more effective.  Very very  small amounts will do.  It essentially Boron.

C: Building a wall around DC won’t help, because they have a network of tunnels connecting the White House, Fed Reserve, Pentagon, etc.  (LOL)

C: We need the Seal of God in our forehead = allegiance to Rights = eternal sustainability  –  instead of the mark of the Beast in our forehead

C: When they announced that Obama won — the random number generators registered the same way as when the planes hit the World Trade Center — people had the same emotional response.

C: Amen Satan has no power except what we give him…

C: The power of righteous law = the power of law; attorney is servant of the dark side, at least by name   –  Anyone who exalts above Good is anti-Good  –  It is salvation to know the one and only true Good

C: As it was in the days of Noah… He was the only one perfect in generations… we do need to watch out for our own DNA

C: We need the DNA of Eternal Salvation , not (DNA of) Eternal Damnation

C: Thanks for the awesome info guys!    –  Amen Jesu saved the world

C: Using drugs… DMT interacts with the pineal gland in the middle of the brain which has cones and rods just like the eyes… it allows us to access that program…

C: The light from a match can’t be seen in the day, Like the hope of one boy it’s ignored without pay, But lit in the night even a spark can be bright, so the hope of one man could change the whole land.

C: I’ve heard that Borax can help de-calcify your pineal gland.

C: B=Boron; Borax=Na2B4O7·10H2O      –  I have been using 1-2 “pinches” Borax in my Water Flosser for the past 3 months. (Sometimes I add 1-2 drops of Amway L.O.C. too.) Clean teeth and no bad side-effects.

C: (Re Borax) Borax makes minerals and nutrients enter the cells easier.

C: Thank you all Brothers and Sisters, another great message in the Good News.







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