Sir T shares an inspiring message on Jesus’ words “Healing IS the Children’s Bread.”  We also discussed interesting results seen by a man in Illinois who built a gold pyramid.  Brother Brian called in and shared an exceptionally interesting experience he had.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Healing IS the Children’s Bread”

This week we look forward to Sir T’s teaching on Jesus’ words, “Healing IS the Children’s Bread”.

Who are the “Children” he is referring to?

And does healing belong to the “Children” still today?







Technology & World Highlight:

–What happens when a man with a dream builds a gold plated pyramid in the countryside of Illinois? Neighbors, the local town, and the media are not sure what to think.

WOW! Man Builds Gold Pyramid In Illinois, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next




–Nationwide electrical grid venerability is tested during geographically distributed exercises designed to execute the electricity sector’s crisis response to simulated coordinated cybersecurity and physical security threats.

Heads Up! Nationwide GridEx III Exercise On November 18-19th




–Working together as a team is always beneficial, or is it?

good teamwork and bad teamwork




Healing to Nations





Brother Brian called in and shared an amazing testimony of an experience he had.



Questions & Comments:

C: LOL This scripture (–  The one in matthew where Jesus was talking to the woman…)  is exactly what the angel told me 😀 Very synchronistic .

C: I have an entire testimony I could give on that… God has moved greatly in my life… and I cant thank this ministry enough. i watch about 3-8 of these videos a day…

C: The laborers are few because the counterfeiters are paying them to not work

C: The pyramid house is about 6miles south of the Wisconsin/Illinois border just east of I-94

C: At times it takes people longer to connect with the spirit of wholeness and holiness.

C: When people act like animals they are less valuable.

C: Very timely. I just took a fall in a parking lot today. my ankle went out on me. hurting but nothing broken.  Rand: folks in chat taking authority over this for healing.   In subsequent text  form Ron Emerson  he testifies: –  “much improved already”

C: Amen, thinking and thought is spiritual   –  The spirit and mind is the program for the body

C: Thanks Sir Timothy for another great message!

C: Maybe gold makes the best antenna for aether energy?

C: There are many sources of free energy, the question is how to most efficiently harness them     –  Life is perpetual motion

C: I’m paying half of my tithing to witts!

C: without mass production like nature , technology is very expensive

C: Teamwork–  combined with knowledge and intelligent action, is the key to wealth

C: There is an awesome new bible available, it’s called the Cepher and it can be found at

Q: Caleb  –  Has the ministry ever experimented with quantum storage?   -So that one might contain an object of great mass and size in a much smaller portable device.

C: Re: Bro Brian’s excellent testimony and memories being locked up:  I had memories locked up in a certain part of my life. Those memories all came back years later.

C: I have memories of Vietnam (war) that i wish I could get rid of

C: what do you guys think for hypnosis and or subliminal messages for programming the spirit/subconscience

C: I was probably drawn to these subjects due to the locked memory

C: Just wanted to say how thankful I am to Sir T, Bro Martin and everyone else in WITTS who tirelessly devote themselves to positivity and TRUE.. improvement!! thank you!

C: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I’m thankful to my Lord Yahushua and all the blessings He has given me and my family.

C: Regarding the flux switch transformer question, I answered him “Yes”.  He (Jim I think) called it the “flux switch generator”.  Perhaps I should have passed that on.  Thought it was a really redundant question.  I am glad Bro Martin cited the program with Bro Kim.  Was not sure if he was referring to the generator or transformer.







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