Sir Timothy taught an inspiring message titled “Taking our stand in Him! The power of the believer!”  Our Guest Brother Farmer shared with us his researched information about (in his belief) the coming US Dollar and US Economy Collapse.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Taking our stand in Him! The power of the believer!”

What can we do to effect positive changes in this world!?





Technology & World Highlight:

Let’s sing Kids – Celine – You raise me up




–A documentary of 4 communities around the world that experienced radical transformation as a result of God’s people coming together in unity, repentance, prayer and fasting for their communities.

Transformations:When God comes to town




–A local news team uncovers the blatant corruption of how recent legislation comes into existence in: The Backroom Where Laws Are Born.

The Investigators ALEC – The Backroom Where Laws Are Born






Guest: Brother Farmer

Always welcome and informative on the “Un-program”, brother Buster (farmer) will be speaking on “The Inevitable, Imminent, Collapse of the US dollar. Coming to an economy near you!”

Buster’s Notes:




Questions & Comments:

C: Jesus said I have come to give you LIFE.  And that more abundantly.

C: Math. 4:23 Teaching, Preaching and Healing the sick…

C: isn’t it interesting that when John 3:16 says whoever people who love the Lord easily believe it. then when other scriptures say “whoever” (mark 11/23) that have a very hard time making it theirs   (Yes so true. How can people only take some of Jesus teachings and not ALL of Jesus teachings as being true and correct for their lives. ….   –  Everyone should wonder why God would include the teachings of Jesus if it wasn’t for us to have a partaking of in our lives”)

C: The great scheme of things is like a democracy for those in authority -and we are some of the very few voting.  It is just a little more democratic for us who know our authority in Christ Jesus.

C: True love = love of rights or righteousness.

Q: I have a question for Sir T, when the electric grid goes down how should we communicate with him?

C: Communism is man pretending to be God, instead of serving God, it is a damnation false plan of salvation.   –  You can not force salvation, it is a choice in agency.

C: Matthew 18/18 show clear authority over all 4 classes of unclean spirits.

C: My 3 yr old daughter just said: is that sir t?  I like sir t, he’s good!

C: The disciples had authority given by Jesus. How much more we should be doing with authority and ability given as the Holy Spirit.

C: …Listened to brother Kenneth E Hagin about not worrying and giving all anxieties to God.   –  Thanks Sir T for pointing towards brother Kenneth E Hagin. Watching his videos in the last several weeks on authority, finances and health are truly amazing and changing me from the inside out.

C: worry leads to fear and fear leads to doubt when it has taken hold.

C: God’s plan of Salvation = rights has the greatest blessings   –  The Holy Spirit of rights is the grace and love of God  –  The Spirit of true love is eternal

C: This video (of changing cities by the authority of God) is so encouraging.

C: that story  (of changing cities by the authority of God) was thrilling, how exciting

C: Prayer is the desire of mind and heart in true faith.

C: Im trying to grow my hair as long as Brother Martin

[21:01:21] Rand Urban: Q: Maria Gossard  –  what can you grow on the mountains (in Philippines)?

C: Philippines is what I like to call a second world country. the have phones but no data service to send pics. it would be like having vehicles with no wheels.

C: God’s Law = you reap what you sow; Mans Law = you reap what you steal

C: The Republicans have a think tank for legislators to make laws caleed ALEC. There are several ALEC members in the Alaska legislature. This is mostly a Republican machine.   –  ALEC is nationwide.  ALEC is funded by the AIPAC (the Israel warmongering machine for the neocons). Brilliant isn’t it?

C: These politicians are are bought so cheap The People really have no say anymore. Money is their god.

C: Federal Reserve Note = Contract = In counterfeit monopoly economics we trust.   –  Most people worship counterfeit Monopoly economics.

Q: Are the latest version of US dollar denominations color coded to match monopoly (board game) money?  It this a joke?  Who is laughing?

C: The rabbit hole goes so deep when it comes to evil organizations it always leads to Satan somehow.

C: The double standard is the Antichrist.

C: Prayer makes all the difference

C: (regarding the ALEC video):  –  That investigative report was done this past May/June.

C: When Rights are the Standard of measuring Value, the greatest are exalted to bless everyone more, including the opportunity to repent.

C: well there are 13 blood lines of a corrupted race that rule this world system.

Q: Bro farmer, what do you suppose those who the US owes the debt to will do?  Are the lenders coming to the US to roost?   Is real estate not a safe investment.

C: The system is a vampire that should end, we should not depend on poisoned blood money to live.

Q: Bro Farmer, what about shares on silver mining companies? for instance silver wheaton?

C: The value of silver and gold is in its practice use in technology and industry.

C: As long as we trust in false currency, we are compromised

Q: What should we do as the body of Christ to work together to help each other?

C: Blind faith is the power of the banking system.

C: Rights is the only thing that creates real Trust and loyalty.  –  We need to create our own economy based on Rights = the Kingdom of God.

C: Argentina had a bank holiday, Cyprus had their bank accounts seized and now recently the Greeks only get to take 100 euro once a day. It will happen in the USA. It’s a matter of when not if.  –  Argentina had a bank holiday. Cypress seized peoples’ bank accounts and very recently the Greeks…


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