Sir Timothy taught an inspiring message titled “Ever Increasing Faith & Faith that Prevails.”  A rare generator video of WITTS technology was reviewed and commented on by Sir Timothy and Brother Martin.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Ever Increasing Faith & Faith that Prevails”

Sir T shared on: “Ever Increasing Faith” Luke 17:5 and “Faith that Prevails” Romans 1:16 & 17





Technology & World Highlight:

–Native indigenous people of North America have been sharing information about living in harmony with the planet for years. Perspectives about history and how the first “world war” might be better thought of as when Columbus came and ultimately decimated their population from 60 million to only 800 thousand.

(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)




–Although it can be difficult to believe, in a recent press conference, truth escaped from between the lips of the president.

Obama Slips Up: “We’re Training ISIL”





Rare WITTS Videos:

Motor-AlternatorSet   DelayLineMotor

This week we’ve got a couple of videos of WITTS technology demonstrating free energy (quantum energy). These haven’t been circulated for a number of years and will certainly be a treat for some of our technically minded viewers.

Sir T will relate some of the details of the two machines: a small motor-generator setup powering itself along with a load of incandescent lights, and another demonstration of a delay-line motor charging it’s own batteries as it runs.





Questions & Comments:

Q: How do I get involved?  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all Good shall be added unto you.

C: Kingdom of God = Government of Rights.    –  Kingdom of Heaven = Spiritual and physical salvation.     –  The blessings of Heaven are in the Rights of God.      -The Spirit of Rights is the Spirit of abundance.     –  Loyalty to the Kingdom of God is essential to Rights.

C:  To everyone here: pray first seeking God, study the word of God. Study the website and programs. You are welcome here.

C:  Just ordered my (Kenneth E Hagin, The Triumphant Church) book, on 5$ shipped!!!

C:  God DELEGATED AUTHORITY to Adam (and his descendents) over the Earth.   –  2. Once delegated he does not revoke it.    –  3. He wants Christians to take territory back from the Usurper and his allies.

C: This Teaching Sir T is so VERY important for us today! Thank you for teaching this and please continue more in this vein…GOD bless

Q:  Can you post a video of the sky bike? (Are there any videos of the Sky Bike?)

C: Everybody likes antigravity….unless the whole earth suddenly goes antigravity…  Then people won’t like it as much.

C:  BIBLE = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

C:  Obama is part of the Beast System and he is covered with the blood of the Martyrs.

C:  The Economic System is the Mark of Beast = M.O.B. Rule

C:  An amazing (WITTS) History

Q:  Brother T – Why are Saying there are NO Aliens with there Terminologies when you Said in the Past there Are Aliens with there Technologies?

C:  I like the Idea of being a Gest on phone at first, a lot of good to do.

Q:  Sir T or Brother Martin. have you heard why ufo’s fly into Valcano’s?

C:  I don’t have much federal credit, i am looking forward to earning credit serving true Brothers and Sisters

Q: Regarding the technology that allows a craft to fly through solid rock: can a craft fly through the center of the earth?  Can it withstand these pressures?

C:  Chuck Missler taught about the Electrical Universe and the Plasma Sun   –

C:  Love listening to Chuck when he is not losing me





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