Sir Timothy taught part 2 of a great message about the birth pains the world is in right now, and the good news we can put our hope in!.  A review of publicly disclosed WITTS technology reminded us of some of the proven technologies WITTS has demonstrated and/or can do to improve the world.  Our Guest is the acting Vice President of the Republic, for the United States, Dan Owen. He reviewed the constitutionality of the Republic, answered questions, and gave practical ways people can get involved.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “GOOD NEWS about Worldy Troubles, Pt 2”

There is GOOD NEWS, as this old world is experiencing more and more troubles.

Jesus likened it to a woman about to give birth, having child birth pains.

She is about to give birth to the Kingdom of God!

And there is more good news!

The bible tells us that, if we meet a few requirements, WE DO NOT HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THESE CHILDBIRTH PAINS!

This applies both literally, for women, as well as for all of us going through these last days, and into THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

Sir T continues expounding on these truths from the Word of God.  Another Inspiring teaching, that you will not want to miss!





Technology & World Highlight:

–Mercury is extremely toxic and considered a bio-hazard by the Environmental Protection Agency. This biochemist is exposing dental and vaccine industries for their continued use of the neurotoxin in their products and showing the correlation between mercury and many common “diseases”.

Boyd Haley: Mercury, Amalgams, Thimerosal, & Disease (2003)*






WITTS Technology Review…


Over the last two centuries Faraday, Keely, Stubblefield, Tesla and others involved with the ministry established the foundation for inventions that can restore our world.

This week we’ll run down a list of remarkable technologies that will transform the planet in the coming years. Free and abundant electric power is only the tip of the iceberg!







GUEST: Dan Owen, Vice President of the Republic, for the United States: “Re-Establishing Legitimate Government”

Continuing on the topic from last week, Dan Owen, the Vice President of the Republic, for the United States will join us and continue informing us about the progress re-establishing legitimate government.

Americans are discovering how the US Corporation, posing as the Federal Government has caused harm, both to themselves and Nations around the world.

This week we’ll get the latest status on the efforts being made to restore the government established by the original constitution adopted in 1787.

Jim Geiger (last week’s guest) – President of the Republic, For the United States.

Dan Owens – Vice President

Republic for the United States of America




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