Sir Timothy taught an inspiring message titled “The Good Guys Win!”  We reviewed an informative demo video from a former WITTS associate, the well-known EV Gray.  We discussed a prophecy from Joe Sweet, and heard from someone with an explanation as to why doctors have been disappearing of late.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Good Guys Win!”

Sir T will be sharing: “Prophesy: Hard times coming, but the Good Guys Win!” Even Resurrection power is ours! Because we have HIM!



Technology & World Highlight:

–To complement Sir T’s teaching this week, we have a remarkable prophecy from Joe Sweet revealing the triumphant church!

The Resurrection of the U S A Joe Sweet 6-21-15

13:00 to 30:02




–In 1986 Edwin Gray produced a promotional video giving demonstrations of some of his unique devices. Brother Gray was associated with WITTS for a number of years prior and is widely known for his high voltage motor.

EV Gray 1986 Promotional Video – Part 2




–Very recently there has been an increasing number of holistic doctors either disappearing or dying. Could there be a common theme attributed to their demise? This video might reveal the answer.

Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!

from beginning to 19:50






Questions & Comments:

C: Honest judgment = Rights is the only stable currency
C: The natural resources and organization and ammo is in hands of elite and govt. Life will not go on like normal. It will be more like the movie Red Dawn.  I suggest reading the Austrian school economists like Von Mises and Hayek. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Debt based economics =Keynesian economics never works.

C: Sacred Truth is an enemy to robbery and murder economics
C: Thanks Timothy and drugs do not cure or prevent disease

Q: Anything (any thoughts) about ISIS and EMP in USA
C: Bank take over? Just like the RTC days and SL crisis?
C: The false church and bankers are partners
C: B-Martin I agree and I don’t repeat the violence by watching violent acts.
C: The Right to self defense is critical
C: Watching violence desensitizes so after awhile its not that bad…that’s what these games do.
C: Amen, (the bad guys) dilute the consciousness with easy counterfeit credit.

C: Gods will is the greatest teamwork
C: Regarding the prophetic word video: This guy prophetically speaks truth. I spend many hrs on facebook trying to communicate this that the Church needs to get on track. The way the world is is a symptom of where the Church is at.

C: Hello, so excited to be here with all of you
Q: (Regarding the video of the prophetic dreams) Is this Kenneth E Hagin’s son? Brother Kenneth E Hagin was amazing. Nobody comes close to his teachings
C: A President can not save the people from treason economics, it is up to the people.
C: The bond market collapsing in the next few years (weeks?) will make 2008 look like a cake walk. The bond market is getting ready to collapse. Hold on everyone! – Because from cities to counties to states are heavily indebted in municipal bonds. The Fed has kept the interest rates artificially low. When bond market collapses, the interest rates go up again.
Q: Is y2k coming again?
C: Y2 K was actually nothing compared to what is coming this time..
C: The bond is a bond of treason
C: When collapse happened in 2008, everyone ran to the bond market and heavily invested there including the banks which are heavily invested up to $1 billion and counting in bonds.
C: Your’e correct the debt to GDP is over 80% when it needs to be closer to 36%
C: The bond of righteousness is the one that counts.
C: Yes, debt ro GDP ratio is over 80% close to that of Greece. Remember what happened to Greece, it gor bailed out three times since 2010, two weeks ago was the last bail out.
C: Regarding the video on GcMAF, the powers that be REALLY DO want to depopulate the planet it is true! They are killing anyone who gets in the way of the biological and informational warfare they are waging on humanity. The Church is like a drunken harlot and the bad guys are a symptom of the Church’s waywardness. Satan is busy shearing the sheeple and there are very few standing in the way.
C: Money is all fake anyways. That will all get reset through judgement. – honesty, as long as we have natural resources and organization. Life will go on 😛


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