Sir Timothy taught more regarding the topic “Is it God’s Will To Heal Everyone?, Pt 2”; Special guest Sister Adrienne shared some Spirit-inspired songs with us, and several topics were discussed including water evaporation renewable energy, and global warming / cooling.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Is it God’s Will To Heal Everyone?, Pt 2”

What does God’s Word say on the topic?




Technology & World Highlight:


–There’s been plenty written in the last decade about global warming and possible catestropic events to play out on the planet. Instead, how about global cooling and maybe a little ice age?
Shocking Truth:Global Cooling,The Little Ice Age Begins in 2014

(From Beginning until 4:41)



The Next Ice Age – An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon





–Electrical phenomenon could be the more important aspect of our solar system than conventionally taught astrophysics. Sir T will have a few thoughts on dominant energy and how it pertains to planetary mechanics.




–Can simple evaporation be used to provide energy?  This interesting device from Columbia University utilizes water to provide power for this small model.
Renewable Energy from Evaporating Water




–A clever new bee hive incarnation could make harvesting honey a lot simpler. A hive with a built-in honey tap!
Flow™ Hive Full Reveal





–Recently there’s been an article circulating claiming to be a rarely published interview with Nikola Tesla. We’ll have a few comments on the content of this piece.





GUEST: Sister Adrienne: “Spirit-Inspired Songs”

The ministry often reminds us to listen to our spirit or intuition. This week sister Adrienne will join us to share a few wonderful songs she was prompted to write.





Questions & Comments:

C: (Regarding Sis Adrienn’s song) It’s good to see some of the blessings from the body of Christ being given to express during the show such as the gift for ministering with a song.‏

C:  That demo of the light bulb pulsing is really great!  Very Good!‏

Q: Sir T, can you come up with a free energy device that will “Listen” to the harmonics of dominant energy and convert it (by slowing it down if necessary) to an audible signal?‏

‎Q: So are we in global warming or global cooling ……..or both simultaneously?‏

‎C: Regarding the pulsing effect from the emergency lighting system: …The Heartbeat of God…‏

Q: …How much can man via weather modification change the weather?  Does HARRP effect our weather?‏

‎C: The record of the earth’s orientation of the magnetic field (flipping) is stored in the magnetic orientation of magnetic elements in the rock strata.‏

Q: Can (HAARP) attract, repel or create heat in the atmosphere?‏

C: (Regarding Sister Adrienne’s music) That was awesome… My youth pastor would of said jamming for Jesus.

Q: (Regarding Sister Adrienne’s music) That (Second) song had a Reggae Beat to it…was that intended?‏

C: The instrumental part of the songs are really beautiful too.  What’s the story behind that?‏

C: ( Regarding the music)  The gift of the creator has been received upon her and she bestowed the gift upon us.‏

Q: Sir T, Do you still plan to upload a video of the sky bike?‏

Q: SirT How can we get the information to make the monopole sphere magnet?  –  Is there gravity on the inside of the monopole sphere magnet?‏

Q: I work the medical industry, am a designer of devices for the human heart.     –  I need to design a chamber to produce microorganisms in a zero gravity or micro gravity environment without going into space.‏




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