Sir Timothy taught on “Our Two-Fold Redemption”;  Our Guest Brother Tom Linebaugh joined and shared a hair-raising experience he had with a Bigfoot while working one night.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Our Two-Fold Redemption”

What does God’s Word say on the topic?




Technology & World Highlight:


Whether you’ve heard of Bigfoot or Sasquatch, many have asserted its all an urban myth and there’s no proof to substantiate their existence.

After this week’s discussion and videos, you’ll likely have a new perspective on this subject and be more knowledgeable than most.


Melba Ketchum: Bigfoot is part human and part lemur

beginning to 5:20


Hunter Encounters Aggressive Bigfoot – Witness Interview

16 minutes to 21 minutes


Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day?

Entire clip


REAL BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS / EVIDENCE caught on camera! (Ultimate Bigfoot Compilation Video 2015.)

3:09 to 4:00  two pictures







GUEST: Brother Tom Linebaugh: “Real Experience with Bigfoot”

A familiar ministry friend will be joining us this week to share his sighting of a Bigfoot. Brother Tom Linebaugh will tell us of his experience and Sir T will also discuss his close encounters!





Questions & Comments:

C: True Love = upholding natural Rights = highest human value = natural abundance = honest acounting = acountability = honest judgment.

C: (children of God)  Overcame by The Blood and The Word of their testimony (Rev 12:11)

Q: (Regarding the little tesla coil)  what can you do with it?

Q: (Regarding the little tesla coil) –  where do you order the tesla coil for 5.00

Q: Why would anyone want to hide the truth about Sasquatch (or anything else for that matter) ???

C: Not possible for apes and humans to breed.

Q: Might evolutionists call these (big foots) missing links?

C: Gene splicing is wrong as GOD has said Let no one put asunder what GOD has put together…GOD put DNA together.

C: Thanks for sharing this knowledge

C: I want to see one

Q: Tom, where in Texas (did you spot the white bigfoot) ?

Q: Given that these creatures are similar in stature and strength to angels, (or demons for that matter) you think there is any connection?

C: When I was a kid and somebody would say “the boogey man” Sasquatch is what I would picture -though I never had a clue that such a thing really exists.   Though, it was always smaller in my imagination than what they are in real life.

Q: When are We the people going to create a Credit Union with the currency of God?

Q: Where in Texas (did this experience with the sasquatch)?

Q: Do you think that all the big foot creatures necessarily of one species?

Q:  The nature of the great battle between good and evil is what in nature?  Is it all about informational/knowledge?  Truth vs Lies???  What do you think?

Q: Is possible they would have super-senses?

C: No medical care might mean bigfoots have a longer life expectancy.  (Given the current state of medical care).

C: I just checked and mitochondria DNA are altered when we get a disease such as herpes.




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