Sir Timothy taught on the topic “Is it God’s Will To Heal Everyone?”;  Our guest Gill Broussard joined us to share what he has researched regarding the controversial “Planet X”.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Is it God’s Will To Heal Everyone?”

What does God’s Word say on the topic?




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–An elephant never forgets. Some of our human friends could learn a lesson from this sizable pachyderm.

Elephant caught on CCTV cleaning up the trash





–Given the  Planet X topic of this week’s program, we’ll review a few video presentations Mr. Broussard has brought to our attention.  (The first 2 videos of Gill’s were sent directly and we don’t currently have links for those.)

Plant 7X Theory (Coming March 26, 2016) Gil Broussard










GUEST: Brother Gill Broussard: “Planet X”

Gill Broussard, a science-based researcher, amateur astronomer, and theologian has found new evidence for Planet X based on historical Chinese records and biblical accounts.





Questions & Comments:

G:  How far is planet X from the nearest it will pass from the earth and how far away from the earth will it pass and what effect will it have?     –  -When will planet x be near the earth and when will it effect the earth and other things. What will it effect?

G: Regarding Planet X:  How can it be that be that mainstream astronomers are missing this?  I know one who is in academia and he is clueless that anything but the reported story is the real story.  ….and he is a Christian.  I don’t get it.

G:  Re: Planet X; Is this going to be a judgment of God event.  Would you say it is conceivable that the more deserving we are of judgment the closer planet x will pass?

C: regarding healing:   –  My dad was healed of cancer I believe at my commands in the name of Yahshua the Messiah, and as proof I asked that his hair would grow back and no longer be white, so his hair grew back it’s natural color.  –  Halleluyah, and because he did not believe in Yahweh, he continued taking Chemotheropy just in case, and the chemicals ruined his lungs as a side effect.  –  WITTS was also praying with me, thank you guys!

C: Hey sir T tell them about the paintings

G: Many believe Mars was in a very close orbit to Earth and caused much destruction when it passed by the Earth.  (Any thoughts on this?)

G: I have heard that the moon goes away from the earth 1 foot per year, is that true? According to Kent Hovind.  (Your thoughts on this?)

C: …the moon moves 1cm closer each year according to NASA.

G: What are all of the things Mr Gill thinks could happen on August 10th, 2016?   Why have many of the others said it already was here? (Planet 7x to pass on )Passover? Wow!    -Can brother Gill give us a worst case scenario and a best case scenario?

G: Is planet 7x the reason for the deep underground military bases and tunnels?

G:  bro Gill, in your opinion, how much is planet 7x not just a coincidence in the Lord’s return?  Do you think he is traveling on the planet for instance?  Is it not just a coincidence that His return coincides with the return of planet 7x?

G: Regarding the great flood of Noah’s day:  There was water under the earth as well, which shot up into the sky it appears, as well, right?

G: Has Brother Gill seen the red object with a winged tail around it on Google Sky being proclaimed by some as Nibiru? If so what does he think it is?

G: is planet7x the same as Nibiru?

G: What does that mean the earths’s magnetic pole 12x normal?  …. and what is the sun doing differently now?

G: Who lives on this planet?

G: Voyager 1 was launched in 1977.  Do you think NASA was thinking about planet x, or the possibility of its existence?  (By the way, my distant cousin, Andrew Dowen of Jet Propulsion Labratories claimed to be the director on that project.  Don’t know how true that is.)

G: Gill, in light of Planet 7X, where do you believe we are at scripturally on the timeline of Christ’s 2nd coming?

G: Would not the Earth be torn apart if a planet THAT BIG was that Close to our planet?

G: Will this cause an EMP problem effecting electronics?

G: Is this the same one (planet)  that is seen from the South American Volcano rim…?

G: Brother Gill, what is your story and testimony?  How is it you came to be studying all this?

G: Bro Gill, so where is the best place to be in all of this?  What is the instructions for where to go?  Can you re-state that?

G:  Will Saturn figure into this whole scenario?  ….I would like to get an answer to this one




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