Sir Timothy taught on the topic “Finding Your Purpose and Calling in Life, Pt 2”; Brother Kyle joined us as a guest later on in the program and shared from the heart about the importance of repentance.  Brother Zig Ziglar by way of video shared a little of his personal testimony and answered questions about his faith in God.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Finding Your Purpose and Calling in Life, Pt 2”





Technology & World Highlight:


–Does the great pyramid in Egypt coincide with another remarkable structure on the opposite side of the planet? Deep in the middle of the ocean there resides an incredible discovery.

Directions to Hollow Earth




–A brief message brought to you by a local neighborhood coconut vendor who makes a point many of us should remember.

This Poor Coconut seller was insulted by a Rich man




–Winged beings caught on video? This short clip appears to show a couple of “angels” soaring though the clouds. We’ll let you decide!

Penampakan Malaikat Sangat Jelas Diatas Langit di Brasil




–You can always rely on Zig Ziglar to have an inspiring word. This week we’ll hear some of his thoughts on faith and how he deals with those times that can seem so negative.

True Performance: Faith – With Zig Ziglar

first 15:00 minutes








GUEST: Brother Kyle Smith!

Brother Kyle joined us with a message, “God has shared with me that there is a societal misunderstanding on Sin and Repentance.  Too many people believe and confess they are sinners when in reality the bible tells us something very different.”





Questions & Comments:

C: Sir T, how do you know where the worm hole destination is? Are you aware of a way to direct a wormhole destination and can you share it?

C: A couple days ago I asked God for something to bolster my faith that I can talk about and witness the reality of Jesus to others.   Yesterday I got a sharp pain in my knee.  It was worsening fast.  I rebuked and commanded against the spirit of a sharp pain in my own knee.   The pain utterly vanished and I felt the knee instantly strengthened.  The power of God was delivered in the authority of Jesus the messiah.   From the moment it happened, not even the slightest hint of it returned.  This is about the fastest healing I ever had.  Praise God!

Q: what are the coordinates (of the great underwater structure)?

C: It looks to me like the pyramids in Egypt are actually causing the protrusions on the other side of the earth by their energy projection.

C:  The ancients new how to tune the earth.

C:  Plus pushing energy thru the earth can make a “death star” (from the film Star Wars) effect  –  Or strengthen or weaken the magnetic field of the planet also.

Q:  All the greed and inhumanity in the world seems to be rooted in a mind set of the master-slave paradigm.  Are we as Christians inadvertently supporting this culture in any way?  Where does this thinking come from and can it be abolished???

C: I measured the underwater tower to about 1300 feet tall

Q: Sir T, what do you mean “one of ours?” (Referring to the sightings of the antigravity suit)

C: he said it is between 1250 and 1300 feet tall.  The satellite location is at: 32°30’07.74″ S 149°52’46.51″ W

C:  the short one next to it is about 900 feet

C:  If I virtually lay it down, and estimate it using horizontal measurement, it’s HUGE…

Q: Sir T, are you going to do any commentary on that Tesla article (from John Butera) tonight?

C: I loved the zig ziggler program!

C: ask rondo to measure the width of the bottom of the tall one. then how many of those widths, equals the height, that will give the best estimate of the height.

C: width to highth ratio, can be done with a ruler on the screen

Q: (Can you talk about the) difference of a sin verses continually sinning.  (Is it) dependent upon frequency of the event in a specific time frame…?

C: Tagging onto what Bro Kyle said about children of God not being sinners: When someone is healed by God, it is an act of forgiveness of sin.  If the one receiving the “prayer” for healing does not forgive anyone, God is resistant to  forgive and thus heal him.  How does being sinless impact the flow of healing for others?

C:  It is amazing how much we can learn, first hand, by the will of God, about anything, when we do not depend on the “experts” to inform us of the truth.

C:  Thank you – I am grateful for these messages (programs).




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