Sir Timothy taught on the topic “Finding Your Purpose and Calling in Life”; Brother Max joined us as a guest later on in the program sharing a comment about structured water and a testimony of a recent healing.  We discussed life extension technologies, technology enhanced life, an interesting bicycle that people cannot seem to learn to ride, and a quick review of some recent UFO sightings.  The Gospel is great news for all!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Finding Your Purpose and Calling in Life”


Sir T also announced information pertaining to the upcoming gathering this year.



Technology & World Highlight:


–A backwards bicycle and your brain. Once you learn to ride one, you’ll never forget. One might need to revise this common belief after seeing this video on how difficult it can be to retrain your brain.
The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133




–What are the most convincing UFO sightings recently? This short clip has some that you’ve probably not seen.
BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2015 ♥ ♥ Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera ♥♥NEW 6




–Could technology become so advanced that people could become immortal? Ray Kurzweil believes it’s not far off and he’s preparing to live long enough to experience it.
Ray Kurzweil On Immortality




–Could a jellyfish reveal the secret of living forever? A Japanese scientist has been studying a species that reverses it’s aging process, effectively allowing it to live forever.
Can This Jellyfish Live Forever?





GUEST: Brother Max!

Brother Max joined us to comment on water research that water can become structured based on intent and for some other reasons.  He also shared a testimony that happened 4 days ago of a healing of a wheelchair-bound man that Brother Max felt led to pray for.





Questions & Comments:

C: Yahshua said (John 14:12) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

C: (Don’t forget) The Tesla Article Next Week!

C: The first 2 times Jesus asked Peter if he “deeply loved” Him, Peter replied (literal) “I am fond of you”… then the 3rd time Jesus asked him if he “is fond of him”….

C: We are to share the good news and God Almighty Yahweh sending his son, tempted in every way as we are, and had no sin, he gave his life in place of ours, when we preach his word he backs it with power.

C: I like the fact that He knows all our sins… before and after salvation… and STILL CHOSE TO LOVE US.

C: His seed is now in us, we are now his children, sons of God Almighty Yahweh.

C: We were talking earlier about taking a break from work and from the troubles and struggles of the world.  You compared it to bathing.  We have to bathe from the stuff of the world regularly spiritually to stay healthy.

Q: sir T, When the electrostatic’s “dominant energy” flying machines are using energy to fly, are they energy efficient, or do they use a lot of energy?

C: a penny double each day is over $1 million dollars in a month

C: The system is evil in countless tacit ways. We need to resist in all the little things because it makes a world of difference.  Not to mention, all the little good things we do add up to a huge wealth of goodness.

Q: How fast do these flying “dominant energy” machines go? Is the principle to use high voltage positive on the leading edge and a more negative voltage differential on the trailing edge?

C: Regarding Kurzweil: WOW, he is doing everything he “knows” to extend his body’s life expectancy, but hearing that he is taking statin drugs?!  Disinformation is going to kill this guy!

C: I know that that the more organic foods I eat the better I feel. I personally believe that if everyone ate only organic foods everyone would live longer healthier lives.   –  God’s energy rejuvenates one’s temple.

C: Praise God for the technology that we can all be together in spirit though geographically so far apart!

C: We saw a man healed of bleeding in the stool.  He was initially healed, then it came back after a fight with his wife, then I commanding healing again and for it not to come back in Yahshua’s name!   Also saw a man after a carpal tunnel syndrome, his cut was not healing, and Yahshua healed after commanding with authority in Yahshua the Messiah’s Holy name! Halleluyah!

C: When fasting for at minimum of 18 hours they say the naturally produced human growth hormone is increased.

C: Ray Kurzweil went public with this information years ago, and has also changed my outlook and supplement and exercising focus.  The power of God Almighty Yahweh in Yahshua the Messiah is always best!

Q: Sir T, how do you make the fermented/probiotic juice you were talking about?

C: (regarding fasting)  Jews fast during high holy days then break the fast…so from old testament comes into play here…

C: C.S. Lewis in his space trilogy described the earth is in quarantine….and it was “fiction” in that case!  Amazing!



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