Sir Timothy taught about “Concepts of Faith… Concepts of Power!, Pt 2”; Brother Tom Linebaugh called in later in the program and had some interesting things to share.  We also shared some videos of exciting things happening around the globe right now.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Concepts of Faith… Concepts of Power!, Pt 2”


Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…

–In Haiti they’re always open to new low-cost building solutions.  Here they’ve utilized a waste product to make blocks used in home construction.

Building Ubuntu-Blox Structures With Vetiver Roots





–What happens when an ex-corporate desk worker from New York decides to open a pizza shop in Philadelphia and help others pay-it-forward? See why there’s still hope left for this crazy world!

Humanity FTW: The Pizza Shop That Pays It Forward





–Did you know a magnetic field can be used to melt various metals? See this interesting demonstration of induction heating which requires no conventional heat source.

melt metal with magnets





–If fast food giant McDonalds ever ran a commercial that had to be honest, it might look like this one.

What A McDonald’s Commercial SHOULD Look Like










Questions & Comments:

C: Re: the Hemp blocks:  what kind of plaster?

Q: The induction metal melting video – what are the sounds from in the video?

Q: Re: the metal melting video: How much voltage / amperage is being used here?

C: Re: McDonalds video: Diane Nuva  –  the sad part is people lining up in the drive thru for it with their poor kids who cant say they dont want to eat that …..praying for them.

C: Re: the hemp bale video and the question of it getting bug infested: add CINNAMON – ants do not like it at all.

Q: What is the most power volts and watts you have seen an “N” machine Bruce Depalma designed?

C: I think the active ingredient in Rat Poison is a popular pharmaceutical blood thinner  -just a high dose of what people are taking

C: Rat Poison “Coumiden” – blood thinner

Q: Any new demos of the propulsion mechanism like the one used in the skybike?


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