Sir Timothy taught more about “Washing your mind with the water of the word. How does a person do this?”; Some other topics we covered: Vaccines – are they safe? Are they effective? And what’s in those chemtrails?  Also, what evidence can account for mass deception we see today? Turns out there are some who have done quite a bit of research on this and have made documentary films available to see.  Sir T showed a little bit of something they are working on in the Philippines.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Washing your mind with the water of the word. How does a person do this?”

Eph 5:26

Eph 4:23




Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Suzanne Humphries M.D., a practicing kidney specialist, has become an outspoken critic of the vaccine industry and wishes parents to hear both sides of the story.
Suzanne Humphries on Vaccines




–This recent video suggests that coal ash, the toxic waste from burning coal in power plants, is being utilized as a main component of chemtrails.
Chemtrails are COAL ASH



–A Highly Recommended video explaining how we as the public are being fed information that keeps us distracted, and misled.  We are being ‘engineered’ to evoke responses that are desired by the social engineers of the system in which we live.

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the Media (1992)



Brother Martin showed pictures of some of what Sir T has been spending so much time working on lately.




Guest: Brother David Bridwell: “Job’s 3-step process of restoration “

Job 42:5-11


Questions & Comments:

Q:  Suzanne Humphries mentions on here video that Polysorbate 80 is part of the vaccines.  Polysorbate 80 attacks the reproductive function in the brain. That is why it is in food and medicines.‏  My wife discovered that the vitamins for older adults at Costco, lack polysorbate 80, whereas the same brand of vitamins for everyone else have polysorbate 80 in the formulation.‏

C: A brother is in need of healing for his broken arm. Please pray for healing since medical care is a big issue there.  May he see another miracle of the Lord.‏

Q: Does sir T know Ismael Aviso and is he working with him in The Philippines? He is working on an electric car that is self running…

Q:  Is today the supermoon?‏

Q: Just curious, did SirT look into last weeks guest recommendation on reading the judges book called The Great American Adventure? Pretty wild ideas about Jesus’ life starting on page 80‏.

C:  I can say that he (Sir T) was (probably) not aware that was in the book. WITTS was saying check it out for information on what is really going on in with the history of America and such‏.

Q:  Sir T, did you say that every state of the USA uses one of their Quantum power plants?  Can we go to any of them to see in person?‏

Q: I am interested in learning more about  Jacques Cousteau ship that WITTS worked on.  How can I learn more about it -specifically the sails that the ministry designed?  Where can I find any info on it such as a video, etc?‏

Q: What is the most powerful magnet motor you have seen Sir T?  -one that is running solely on magnets that is.‏

Q: Sir T, what is the fastest you or a friend have gone in a vehicle propelled by a centrifugal propulsion?  Can you talk about this please?‏

Q: Sir T, regarding the war on humanity, what do you think the chances are that malevolent ETs are behind the current war on humanity?‏

C: (Regarding the Super Moon)  –  Yes today is a super black moon because it is closest to earth and it is a new moon also. very rare!‏

C: Sometimes when people get exposed to the truth about history, they have a tendency of letting disinformation (into their thinking) getting confused as to what is really accurate.  ( …Because of the deceiver and their open mindedness.)‏

C: (regarding the above comment: its not constrained to just history either, its nearly all aspects of what people would call normal life…‏

C:  Jason I have known of peoples dogs that were demonic. Through prayer we extricated “it”. That dog was a new dog. We were prayer warriors. Did it online. A good friends dog‏.

‎C: (regarding the above comment)  in the bible they went into pigs.. why not other animals?‏

C: (regarding the super moon) – truth365  –  There are 6 supermoons in 2015. very rare also.‏

Q: I wonder if bumble bee wings would work (for antigravity) ???‏

Q: How many other species of people are there do you estimate?‏

C: (regarding the Houdini dog) I have a dog who I suspect has the ability to teleport because she keeps showing up where I don’t expect.  A little bizarre.‏

C: Sir T: I wanted to let you know that the quantum healing light works wonders. It takes away muscular pain, and many other issues. Thanks for developing this amazing healing modality.‏

C: (Another person) The LED light broke up my bruises within a couple days‏!   They were lingering for about a month‏.

C: (regarding Houdini dogs)  i have seen dogs climb all the way up and over chain link fences.  LOL‏

C: No roosters?  Did y’all have chicken dinner last week?‏



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