Sir Timothy taught more about “How to Receive Your Healing”;  Some other topics we covered: EMF Mind Weapons In Use in USA right now, Street Healing, Quantum Relativity, Proof Sugar is Corrosive, and much more!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “How to Receive Your Healing”

Sir T shares from his heart and from the Bible on how you can receive your healing!



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Are EMF (electromagnetic fields) being purposely utilized to control the population? Deborah Tavares uncovered the evidence indicating the intention to do just that.

DEBORAH TAVARES – SCARY INFO–EMF Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population (first 11 minutes)





–Tom Fischer demonstrates the practice of “street healing” and captures the reactions of those who otherwise might be skeptics. An appropriate topic for this week’s teaching

Street healing with Tom Fischer-Classic reactions to healing





–Is time and space a real part of the true reality of things or is it something less tangible? Science is finding that all is interconnected at the most basic levels and our paradigms will have to shift to account for the real nature of things.

Quantum Relativity





Also Shown: A picture of the shadow of a guy working on the mars rover???  It certainly looks like it!



–Sugar – the making of it, and in the manufacture of it…eats through concrete?  Most of us know that common sugar is not particularly healthy to consume. Did you also know that during the processing, concrete at the factories can become damaged from the corrosive nature of the sugar cane juice?

AggreBind Soil Stabilization at La Union Guatemala Sugar Mill  (at 28 seconds, cane juice concrete corrosion)




Questions & Comments:

Q: What are your thoughts on making money in the stock market?  What is the essence of a heart that is good with making money?

C: This morning while waking up God gave me the answer to the above question.  He told me that watching every dollar is essential to saving money.  Also, If our mission is a God mission to save humanity, it is actually more important that those such as us have money from others to accomplish this most important mission.  We do not have to feel guilty about taking money from others around us because if they are not on the same mission, the money they have will be spent on less important things anyway.  This sounds callous to the unbeliever but really this is not about us getting rich but rather about the righteous kingdom of heaven being empowered on earth.

C: The Amish separated from the Mennonites over 300 yrs ago but….I like their rugged lifestyle.

C: Tom has some really good testimonies that happened after the Ohio gathering last summer too.

C: CDC admitted that The Measles Vaccine makes a recipient contagious for 28 days. The Disneyland outbreak occurred because all employees were mandated to take measles vaccine.  Hence  the employees infected thousands of children.

C: …it was first Peter 2:24. sorry about that

Q: Do you think they released the picture of the shadow with the guy in it purposely?  It just seems too dumb not to be on purpose.  I think the dark side is having a good old laugh at all the naïve sheeple.  It is like they are getting a thrill from doing such as this.   Besides, if no one son of God voices an objection/rebuke, they by default have permission to proceed as planned.

C: If you practice doing what he does (in the video) you will see the same if you are a disciple of Yahshua

C: From a listener: “To the best of my knowledge from a DOD insider there are around 220000 population on Mars from almost all countries on earth.  I was invited to a group of maybe 20 at the time and was made privy to that info…..and much more.   I believe living is underground or at least dome, but surface travel is done. I do know that.  Both Aliens and Humans on Mars.”  The moon according to same source is said to be a dump….junkyard of historical occupation and such. Also said to be a mechanized device constantly adjusted.

C: I have been in constant pain for two weeks. Concentrating on Peter 2:24 since start of show. MRI tomorrow. Please pray for healing and clean bill of health tomorrow.  -Lower back

C: WITTS Guys….It appears some disaster of epic proportions (possible meteorite hits to the oceans?) will occur.  If you all find any info please do a show on it.  I am near the east coast, maybe 10 miles away.




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