Sir Timothy taught on “Prophesies by God’s Prophets of Upcoming Events”; As always, there was interesting discussion on several interesting topics including a very public Monsanto coverup, the corporate practice of “manufacturing consent”, and a personal testimony of how GMO food caused very serious problems for one lady.  Brother Rand joined briefly in the beginning of the program for discussion with Brother Martin.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp & Special Guest Brother Kyle Smith – “Prophesies by God’s Prophets of Upcoming Events”

Taking a closer look at what lays ahead for humankind and whether there’s a potential to change it.  Interesting topic, so be sure and tune in early!



Technology & World Highlight:

Our video for tonight’s broadcast include…

–Robyn O’Brien becomes an unlikely food industry activist when events turn personal and she’s forced to look at her profession from the perspective of a mom instead of a high achieving executive.

Robyn O’Brien at TEDxAustin 2011



–How much influence do large corporations have over our news and information? Many will still be surprised by shear arrogance demonstrated in this textbook case of corporate bullying.

MONSANTO VIDEO REVOLT | FOX News Reporters Fired For Exposing Monsanto

Taken from…

The Corporation : The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power  (



–Manufacturing consent of the masses is a fundamental purpose of the big media corporations. Here’s a couple of excerpts from a superb documentary on the subject. (Both these and the two preceding videos are a MUST watch.  Highly recommended!!)

Manufacturing Consent (1992) part 1 of 2 good quality

Manufacturing Consent (1992) part 2 of 2 good quality




–During a recent episode of a CBS prime time series, The Mentalist, soft disclosure of hard truths are being broadcast to wide audiences.

The Mentalist – Nothing But Blue Skies (soft disclosure?)



GUEST: Brother Tim Martin“My Own Energy Search Prior to Discovering WITTS”

Brother Martin will be disclosing details about many of the prior events and projects he’s worked on before meeting Sir T and the WITTS organization.

Find out what caused his life to take a radical turn toward engaging “alternative” technologies and ideas. How is it that WITTS became a major focus despite hands-on experience with many promising free energy machines and devices?

Pictures and video were shown that have never before been published or seen by the public.

Brother Rand joined during the first part of the program for some discussion with brother Martin.



Questions and Comments:

C: there is a town somewhere in Kentuckey or Tennessee that is powered by Tesla Tech…..They all did it secretly so the Feds wouldn’t know. It is complete and functioning….

C: Here in Rhode Island….a recent Engineering graduate,converted his Dads house to run the furnace on water. The Feds came….said it was ok….just don’t share the tech or go into business in that.

C: the elite friend of Lindsey Williams says that “they” plan something to happen very soon like collapsing world economy, same what this prophecy says

C:  But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! Matthew 6:22-23

Q: Sir T, could you comment on the above verse?

C:  At my Daughter’s school during her 8th grade class a seventh grader whom she knew died while at scool from an allergic reaction to peanut oil in food that was orderd from a restaurant.  Ironically, the girl’s mother was a doctor who did not supply her with emergency shot (antihystamine?) for such a life threatening reaction.  What a tragedy.

Q: A local mainstream TV station (WGN) recently aired the story of how Eisenhower struck a deal with ET’s (the Grays).  It was presented as history fact -not speculation.  What do you think is going on that they are letting this out of the closet?

C: I have been getting raw milk for maybe 6 yrs @ $6/gallon

C: From the start I thought you guys were a real deal –  Even before I knew you were Brothers in Christ….    I found Witts simply because I was searching Tesla and off grid technology.

C: “Free energy” in the sense that people think of it can be compared to a gasoline engine in that it is a self running system that gets more power out than it takes to run the machine itself.  If it is obviously true for the gasoline engine, why should it be so hard to believe for the motors that are a system to run on dominant energy?  (Trying to help people over the disbelief hurdle).

C: He (Joe Taylor? Palentologist whith Giant femer) ) was just recently on Creation in the 21st Century!

C: Agreed, we are after making the world right side up.

C: Amen! -to that new, real, money system.

Q: I am curious about the power output of the hemisphere generator, i saw the video of it starting a car could it run a 200 amp home service like you get from the power company?

C: I think dark side really wants to tip the world into war now (USA/Russia/ukraine) Please prohibit it in the Spirit everyone.

C: Thankyou for such an interesting program

C: Thank you, may Yahovah bless and keep you all i love this show


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