Sir Timothy and Brother Kyle Smith taught on “Breaking Down The Job Barrier To Receiving The Blessing Of Divine Health”; As always, there was interesting discussion on several interesting topics including evidence for a possible coming pole shift, more evidence for Bigfoot, and just how good an idea is bio-engineering DNA?

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp & Special Guest Brother Kyle Smith – “Breaking Down The Job Barrier To Receiving The Blessing Of Divine Health”

Countless times when discussing the reality of Divine health and healing, the book of Job is brought to topic. This is due to a strong misunderstanding of what the character of Job was in his inner man.  Lets look closer and see if we can find more than what meets the eye.


Technology & World Highlight:

Our video for tonight’s broadcast include…

–The Inuit natives living in the far north have been noticing changes in weather and the sunsets during the last number of years. Are the poles moving?

Inuit People on Pole Shift




–What does the U.S. government know about the biped commonly referred to as Bigfoot? Apparently Sasquatch has been well known long enough to be classified as a legitimate species.

The U.S. government knows Bigfoot is Real!

~first 13 minutes




–A new computer model allows biological engineers to design the most complex three-dimensional DNA shapes ever produced. What can we expect as a result of this nano helix tinkering?

Complex 3-D DNA structures






Questions and Comments:


C: Regarding the typhoon lie in the Philippines: Making it hard for regular folks by declaring emergencies and disasters could well be part of Agenda 21.  They are doing this on a widespread basis in the USA and all over to get people off the land and into the cities.  I believe they will eventually round everyone up to the cities and deal dreadfully with them there once they are all concentrated….in an effort to reduce the population as per the Georgia Guidstones.

C: Regarding the Sun  –  Was rising in the same place, but setting wrong

C: (Regarding the sun rising in the wrong place)–  As the sister sun come closer,  the earth is supposed to wobble more

C: Noah must have brought them (Sasquatch) on the ark.

Q: On one WITTS program, there was a map of the US, showing where the sightings of Sasquatch have been. There were lots of sightings in Ohio!! Has SirT heard about any of these?

C: …on that pride and overconfidence in ones righteousness and that being and issue among believers today.  So true was your teaching!  God help us in our pride.

C: i was lead here by the spirit to test the spirits of this ministry to make sure it was sound doctrine and it is anointed.   –  it is (indeed) spirit filled.

C: tread on scorpions, cast down those tornadoes and storms.   Bless that on earth and it is blessed in heaven.  What is bound on earth is bound in heaven, same as what is loosed on in heaven and mirrored.

C: We have power to tread serpents n scorpions. Luk 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

C: Job 42:10 God restored Job (after he prayed for his friends.) This I believe was the key to his restoration.

C: God gave Job a new revelation of himself!!

c: I saw a video that was explaining CHEMTRAILS. According to the author, the main purpose for the Chemtrails now is to create a Holigraphic Atmosphere. Once that is accomplished they create anything.

-They will be able to turn the entire atmosphere into a video screen.   –  Scaring people to death?

C: (Regarding, chemtrails) i have  heard it’s a barrier keeping positive from penetrating our atmosphere.

C: I believe I saw one Bigfoot and heard a couple others at a different time

C: my nephew saw a Bigfoot in Oregon

C: The aluminum in Chemtrails interfere with trees ability to uptake water and therefore dry-out and become susceptable to forest fires. I think this is intentional to discourage…people from living in the country -all part of agenda 21.



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