Sir Timothy shared on the topic “God’s Creative Power for Healing!”  People who used the Mileage Booster (from the gifts page) called in and told what happened to their cars.  We discussed NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and showed the Joule Thief circuit, and a guy who uses pieces of discarded metal to power LEDs!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “God’s Creative Power for Healing!”

Sir T shares some insights on God’s Creative Power for Healing.

Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:


The Day I Died – NDE – Consciousness Documentary

As Sir T had mention on previous broadcasts, sometimes returning to the physical realm is not your first priority when experiencing a death event. This documentary parallels much of what Sir T had related when sharing his personal adventure to the “other side”.


Ideas Are Scary – GE Commercial

An idea is born… and can be a scary thing. New ideas sometimes appear to threaten the status quo. This cute clip drives home the point.


African treatment for headache

Two minute cure for a common headache? Decide for yourself if this is something you should try…


Building a Joule Thief to run LEDs from aluminum tabs and zinc screws

Here’s a simple project most anyone can replicate and produce a useful light source powered by common things usually tossed in the waste bin. Sir T will share additional details on the workings of this circuit and how efficient this method actually is!




Brother Jim Libbey called in and shared some recent experiences with taking authority in this world we live in, and healing of his son.  Then Brother Rand called in and shared what happened when he installed the FETK on two of his cars – A significant mileage increase.

Questions and Comments:

C: For you WITTS guys: Veterans Today(.com) had an article saying more free energy devices are coming out all over the world. That the Illuminati branches are fighting and the petro dollar may die. Hmmmm…

Q:  Sirt Do you need all those wires to make the joule thief work?

Q: Can Sir T explain what a black hole is, since gravity is particles pushing us to the earth? Is it just a super concentrated amount of particles?

Q:  Does this (the make shift batteries) relate at all to the tiny transistor radios that sold in NYC after/during the Worlds Fair in 1963?

Q:  can the joule thief be scaled up much?

Q: Will it help me to install the mileage booster from Witts increase my mileage even if I have an Aqua Tune installed already?


C: (I am) Relatively new Christian. Struggling with understanding the Bible….But it took me so long in life to get here that I’m not giving up now,nope….lol

Q: I have 335K mi on a 2000 Ford Tritan 350 engine….giving 10 miles per gal. 1 ton van. Will this device significantly help me?

C: Rand -mine is a 6 cylinder engine

C: Rand -Correction to something I said on the last show: I said that Glycol is a big problem ingredient in Toothpaste.  I meant to say Glycerine.

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