Sir Timothy shared on the topic “The Glory of the Lord!” and he and Brother Martin discussed information you won’t want to miss surrounding topics like geoengineering, mercury vapor from your teeth, a novel approach to massively increasing a vehicle’s MPG, and more!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Glory of the Lord!”

Why does it seem some get healed and others do not?

Is God partial? Is HE showing favoritism? Playing favorites?

Is it something we are missing?

Is it a big mystery that no one can answer? Or is there a simple answer in God’s Word?

Sir T will be answering this question and many others in tonight’s program.

If you have ever lost a loved one to sickness or an accident and wondered why, this teaching will bless you!




Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:


Sir T recently admitted how he preferred listening to ministers of the male persuasion. Find out how Heidi Baker has changed his thinking about women being awesome teachers!

Heidi Baker’s Testimony



This engineer experienced degraded performance of his expensive solar panel arrays due to light dimming from airborne chemtrails. He decided to find out what was really going on and educated others about engineered drought and other weather events.

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California



The ancient mystery of the Shemitah, a Biblical seven year cycle, how it affected history, and how it’s affecting us now. Very interesting!

America’s Rise and Fall Jonathan Cahn 2015 blood moon



Smoking teeth? We’ve discussed the somewhat unrefined nature  of dentistry in the last century. This clip is a dramatic demonstration that might have you asking more questions at your next dental visit.

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas



Is it possible to triple your mileage?

This week, the basics will be shared on a unique system currently being testing.

You’ve likely never seen anything like this novel approach to increasing MPG!



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