Sir Timothy shares on the topic “These signs shall follow those who believe…” Several topics were discussed: Vaccines, “The Greys”, Sasquatch, and more thought-provoking topics you may not have carefully considered before today.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “These signs shall follow those who believe…”

Awesome teaching.

Technology & World Highlight:


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:

This week we’ve got compelling video exposing what seems to be Russian military investigating a saucer shaped craft crashed near the edge of a forest. Also in the same video compilation, there are images depicting the examination of extraterrestrial bodies and varying examples of extraterrestrial beings.




Have you ever wondered how cells perform their various functions, replicating and dividing, every minute of the day? With the aid of amazing computer generated animation, DNA coiling, replication, transcription and translation can now be visualized like tiny machines inside cellular factories!

Molecular Visualizations of DNA



Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny warns about the perils of vaccination

Vaccine’s Safety: A Crime Against Humanity




Guest: No special Guest This Week – ” ”





Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: My brothers 9 yr. old grandson needs prayer over a mental sickness he has been on Meds for years. He is no better but worse. He is with his family in Minn.

C: For the show – I had a nectarine that had been in the fridge and the skin on it looked old and wrinkly. So, I asked God to make it good to eat and I took a bite of a perfect nectarine. Then a day or two later, the same thing happened with a cherry that was not good looking and a little too squishy. I had already eaten a few out of the bowl that were not good so thats when I asked God for it to taste sweet and delicious and it was. Praise God! Small things like this keep my faith strong.

C: Even the ET’s were created by someone: God

C: that clip on the cell mechanism is so astounding!! Humbling! Thanks!! Hope the link will be posted!

C: whats interesting is there is no crevice or hole on either side of the ship that is half buried…like it just dropped into the ground.   Not much of the trees are cleared or fallen either.

C: Regarding the cell machinery video: Consider the interdependence of the various systems/organs/cellular bio-chemical machinery — all have to come together in the same day. You don’t have thousands of years for one part to “evolve” and wait till the others evolve together. The organism dies if ALL these systems/parts are not working every day.

C: I come from a large family and none of us are vaccinated and none of us have any of the diseases that they say you will get if not vaccinated.

C: That is a very good vaccine Info video.

Q: Flying saucers can fly right through the earth? Can you explain how that works?

Q: Sir T, Do you think the greys and other species of ET’s are older than humans?

C: I’ve taken the Flu Shot one time in about 12 years, and I got ridiculously sick about 12 hours later.

Q: what do you recommend for bad toothaches, where the tooth is rotten?

C: Tagging onto being called to change jobs: God’s been trying to get me to change jobs for years…LOL By the grace of God I will.

C: I can tell a quick story about prayer…I used to live next to a busy intersection with lots so car accidents. I started praying for the passersby and for overall road safety and not too long after…our neighbors started to notice less collisions.  Then I move to a different part of the same City, and the accidents increased again. So I still keep that corner in my prayer.

Q: I have a question… Is there some kind of inexpensive Geiger counter that could be used to detect radation, Such as comes from Fukishima, which we can use to scan fish purchases and car purchases?

C: I saw a Aduino kit for a Geiger counter $100 + arduino


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