Sir Timothy shares on the topic “Visions, Prophetic Dreams, and Changing The Future!”  Our special guest Dr. Carl Baugh, founder of The Creation Evidence Museum, related some of the most interesting facts supporting the Creation Model and answered some questions from the audience.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Visions, Prophetic Dreams, and Changing The Future!”

As requested by many of our brothers and sisters, Sir T will be sharing what was possibly a prophetic dream on tonight’s program. He’ll talk about visions and dreams and the possibility of changing the future before it happens.

Technology & World Highlight:


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:

An interesting performance by Elias Argüello singing with a chorus of angels. Real angels providing backup vocals? Listen to this and decide for yourself!

Ángeles cantando a Dios, Angels singing with Elias Argüello


Have you ever wondered how cells perform their various functions, replicating and dividing, every minute of the day?  With the aid of amazing computer generated animation, DNA coiling, replication, transcription and translation can now be visualized like tiny machines inside cellular factories!



Sister Adrienne (Henderson, NV) also called in and shared two amazing dreams she had.

Brother Rand called in and shared some interesting ideas as well.



Guest: Dr. Carl Baugh – “Founder: The Creation Evidence Museum”

This week we welcome Carl Baugh, founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum located in Glen Rose, Texas. A most controversial subject of modern times, brother Baugh is one of the leading researchers examining the scientific and archaeological evidence supporting creation.  Discoverer and excavation director of fourteen dinosaurs, including Acrocanthosaurus in Texas and Diplodocus in Colorado, he’ll discuss his many years of findings and also his recent project to simulate the atmospheric conditions that existed before the flood of Noah’s day – the Hyperbaric Biosphere!

Carl Baugh – Founder and Director of Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas

The Controversy

After Dr. Carl Baugh left, SirT related a story of a biosphere-type project where a rattlesnake grown in a special “pre-flood”-like environment, had several remarkable characteristics one of which was it’s venom, instead of being poisonous, instead had medicinal qualities!




Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Could you please teach on “The sins of the farther coming back on the son” and how to break this cycle?
Q: Some are promoting Thorium as an energy source. Is it also radioactive? Is it as dangerous as the other materials?
C: The prophetic dream is great confirmation that God will speak and lead and protect, and even provide strength, health and even age reversal!
C: What’s interesting is that we have the authority over age anyway if we use it…regarding Sir T being young in the dream that is…
Q: (Dr. Baugh, what are your thought on) the growing earth theory? It’s a simulation you can find that simply shows a small earth, and over time there is an actual expansion of the entire planet…   if the earth was much smaller in size at a distant time in the past, that seems to me to explain the sheer size of the dinosaurs… Neal Adams (talks about this)…any knowledge of that?
C: Awesome history teaching. Makes history way more interesting than the history I grew up with. I want my children to grow up with real history. This is it!
Q: So, is the molten center of the earth the biblical hell or is the earth hollow? Maybe you can explain.

Q: Has Dr Carl worked with Jonathan Gray? If so how was your working relationship with him?
Q: What about Methane Levels rising nowadays?  Any thoughts about what effect this will have on creation?
Q: Dr. Baugh, I heard that there may be oceans of water underground now.  What are your thoughts on this?

Q: I would like to ask the Witts Community about picking a target for world wide prayer action as a witness for God ….and video it for play back. eg: Chem Plans, or News Media ect.    I think that the Pray target should be something that can NOT be explain in the natural. A supernatural event that the world can not explain away.


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