Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “The Love of God, the Power of God” and our guest Brother Jonathan Gray shows amazing findings of earth’s history flying in the face of current rubbish taught the general public.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – The Love of God, the Power of God

And how does this relate to End times Solutions?

What is our role in this?  Should we store up food?  Store up guns?

What does God say we should be doing?






Technology & World Highlight:

The Truthseeker: ‘Casualty catastrophe’ – Cell phones & child brains (E26)

It’s becoming well known among scientists that cell phone radiation causes cancer.  WE HAVE THE WAY OUT AND WE ARE OFFERING IT TO YOU! As well as everyone!



Big Bang Theory Wrong Again – Largest known quasar group or “object” confirms Halton Arps predictions

Exclusive breaking news.  The expanding universe concept is completely proven false!






Guest: Brother Jonathan Gray – The Forbidden Secret

Our awesome guest, back by popular demand, is international explorer, archaeologist, researcher and author, brother Jonathan Gray!

He presented a mind blowing slide show.

forbidden secret

Did you know the ancient Chinese had a space program 500 years before Jesus lives on earth?

That is right.

In 500BC, the Chinese went to moon and even built structures there!

Brother Jonathan will be sharing the conclusive evidence and also give tips on present day end times, survival and prospering.







Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: Praise GOD for that testimony!(of the guy healed of venereal disease) There are times I feel like I have no faith, but That Name of JESUS packs all the power!

C: We have ALL been lied to , to take away the power God has given us. The dark side CANT take away the power given to us by God so the dark side trys to hide it from us by halftruth.  Man may be week but the Glory of God in us is mighty, we just have to use it in his work.

Q: Is there a specific place to put the QUEET on the router? (to make the RF energy safe)

C: (regarding cell phones) I have to use ear buds with my cell phone, if I put to my head I get dizzy and very unbalanced.

C: (Regarding antidepressants) Prozak is Loaded with Fluoride…Nazi mind Kontrol

C: there are a number of common pharmaceuticals that are fluoride based. One can google “fluoride based pharmacudicals” for the list.

Q: Question for SirT..Wireless router is 20 ft. away and carry a Queet in my billfold. Am I safe?

C: The details of how God made creation does not matter to me cause the act of creation by God is God’s first act of love and it is on-going and (this should blow your mind) HE (God) knew everything there is to know about YOU (ME)….and HE still LOVES ME (as well as each of us)

C: All we learn about creation, energy and so on I believe are facts of Gods love and greatness

Q: for Jonathan Gray – What would you say is your most impactfull discovery found to date? Also, Can you validate Ron Wyatt’s discoveries, ie. Noah’s Ark, Ark of the covenant, Red Sea Crossing, Sodom and Gomorrah?

Q: Can I use google earth to view China’s pyramids?  Also, : so the energy top center of the pyramids are deadly but below bring a healthy environment?

Q: For Brother Gray -From your uncovered information, how old would you say the earth is? Also, Do you have plans to write a more accurate history book that we could teach our children, so they can learn the truth about our past?

Q: any close ups (pictures) of the Chinese structures on the moon?

Q: could a pyramid help save bees that are under constant attack?

Q: do we build our food storage pyramid out of plywood?

Q: Question for Brother Gray.. Where do you now live still in Australia ? what State please

Q: Do you have plans to write a more accurate history book that we could teach our children, so they can learn the truth about our past?

C: Isaiah 33:15-16 He who walks righteously and speaks with sincerity, He who rejects unjust gain And shakes his hands so that they hold no bribe; He who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed And shuts his eyes from looking upon evil; He will dwell on the heights, His refuge will be the [m]impregnable rock; His bread will be given him, His water will be sure.

Q: regarding the Jerusalem Artichokes: do the roots grow deep or are they like sunflowers that grow shallow?

C: According to Wikipedia Jerusalem artichokes have 650 mg potassium per 1 cup (150g) serving. They are also high in iron, and contain 10-12% of the US RDA of fiber, niacin, thiamine, phosphorus and copper.[12]

C: Chia seeds are another good one to store.

C: Trust in God – good word! TRUST displaces fear. Amen brother Jonathan. Thank-you for sharing brother Jonathan!

Q: Question for Sir T > Do not Witts Have plans for a Food system that recycle water to grow food and fish in a closed system that can be run by Dominant Energy? I believe these could be made portable. Could they be?

C: if Jesus fed 5000 and 4000 from a few fish and loafs of bread, just BELIEVE, and we will see those miracles on our behalf… Praise GOD, then SPEAK these things, and EXPECT them to happen

Q: Can Jonathan Gray speak more about the particle that dissipates after 3 minutes of exposure that was found in the foundation stone?

Q: what is the Johnathan Gray web site address?

Q: re: Queet placement: I think most people try to relate how quantum devices work with other more-well-known technologies.  If I understand it, they don’t follow the same ‘rules’ we ‘expect’ – it’s more about the environment, not exact locations or physical item… is that right?

C: AWESOME! That is proof of the earth being very young and quickly being formed, not over a long span of time. SO AWESOME!

Q: Has brother Jonathan Gray been to secret cities similar to those who Sir T have been to, if so how will the possible coming calamity impact those societies?

C: Brother Johnathan, we would like to have you back on the show in a couple weeks on November 13th. We are holding the spot open for you.

Q: Brother Jonathan, what is your opinion on who the “Sons of Gods” in the book of Genesis speak about?

C: I have read 5 of the 7 books I have ordered from brother Jonathan, I HIGHLY recommend them! Also, Jonathan Gray is the Sir T of Archaeology…

C: Wow… just like SirT said, our pastor emeritus was in a small twin airplane (on a missions trip) that flew for almost 2 hours on empty tanks… one engine quit, but they landed safely! \O/ God is GOOOOD!










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