Thursday 13/12/2013 03:12

Chemtrails Testimony From Patrick Kennedy:

Just before today’s “podcast” from WITTS, I was in my backyard when I noticed Chemtrails Planes crossing the sky.  I have been trying for some time to “Take Authority” over them but without any noticeable effect. 

This had in the past left me with doubts of my own worthiness to act in God authority, as if something was wrong with me, in fact this seem to make my whole walk with God that much harder. 

There was never a loss of faith in God but more of a loss of faith in that God would use such a poor tool as me when I could point out to so many other Brothers and Sisters with not only a sharper edge but rust-free as well.

I now believe, that this thinking was holding me back in acting in God’s authority, that and being timid about it all.  I was still worried about “how I would feel” and “how I might look to others” if it did not seem to work.  

It took a while for me to realize that God wants us to be stubborn in seeking him and that must be true too of seeking HIS gifts.

There are whole buckets full of “Clichés” I could use here, but the simple truth is this: “Just Start” and do it loud!

If you look like a “Nutter” to others, so what?  Is some stranger’s opinion that important to you? 

Besides, it’s a lot of fun.

So, today about half a hour before the podcast (Online Advanced Technology teachings by WITTS), I took Authority over a “Chemtrails Plane” and it worked…kind of.  Every time I’d rebuke it the trail would stop for a while and start again and I’d rebuke it again and it would stop.  So then I rebuked the chemtrails themselves, called on them to be “inert” and to disperse and that worked!

Then I saw another plane, and I was now rebuking these with more confidence and a bolder stand and near dancing with joy, I had to tell someone!!!!!!!

As luck would have it (read that as God’s Plan,) Jim Libbey was live on Skype and answered my call.  Almost bouncing out of my skin I told Jim the whole story and was encouraged by him.

Then the podcast from WITTS started.

During the podcast I looked out the window and the Chemtrails Planes were back, so I rebuked them both and it worked again!

I told Jim in the “chat room” what was happening and others in the chat room picked up on it and a chap called “Tom” said that he wished It would work for him, so as there were Chemtrails Planes coming back  I invited Tom to just have a go now… He did and it worked.  Praise God! …from over the net just by text from somewhere else in the world a first time try from, what I believe a new Christian, worked right in front of me, Wow!

In truth I will have to re-watch this week’s Podcast again as I spent a lot of time hanging out the window looking for Chemtrails Planes and getting someone in the chat room to rebuke them live on air.

It was a lot of fun and it must have been driving the pilots of the planes nuts as they kept coming around and trying to lay down chemtrails that we were knocking out as fast as they laid them down!

At one time there were two planes in formation (staggered V) from the left and another coming from the right. 

It did not do them any good as we rebuked them all, in fact Brother Rand Urban had a go and when I looked at the plane there was a large flash from under the plane and It turned away very fast for that type of Plane, and the trail stopped straight away.

These kinds of victories, one after another, went on for the whole show, so I am sorry if I distracted anyone from the show Sir T.

When I have the funds I am going to get a Video Cam so we can try this again Live on the show and invite anyone on the show to have a go at using God authority to rebuke them and video it.

If other Brothers have Cams and Chemtrails Planes in the sky during the show then they can video the results as well.  We then can then get all the videos together and have them shown on the show.

This will show that anyone can act in God’s Authority and you do not wait till you are perfect in your walk with God –  just START –  And God will reward you and give you opportunity to grow in the use of HIS authority.  


Note from Sir T: AMEN!!!
HE (God YHWH,) is still the same. In the bible, HE is the God who fights our wars for his people(us) and HE still wins every time! HE even wins over germ warfare and chemical warfare!

Recommended before, consider ordering this book to help build your faith muscles.