Sir Timothy Thrapp began a teaching on “New Creation Reality / God Reproducing Himself in Us”.  A video of the testimony of a Puerto-Rico man who was abducted by an human-looking alien and shown things to come.  Another video of NASA missions was shown.  Brother Max joined us again and this time shared some of his findings regarding the question: Did Jesus ever refer to extra terrestrials?


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – New Creation Reality / God Reproducing Himself in Us!

Some Notes from the Teaching:

Our Key Text: 2 Peter 1: 1st 12 verses








Technology & World Highlight:

We discussed some clips from the following videos (and encourage each person to review them in their entirety.)

In one video tonight we’ll see a gentleman from Puerto Rico who in 1988 claimed he and others were visited by beings from another planet and shown a “projection” of a possible future.  After being returned to his car, he was able to take photographs of the saucer shaped craft as it took off, monitored by military jets!

Another interesting video this week was one discussing leaked footage of a top secret Apollo mission traveling to the far side of the moon to investigate a massive crashed ship.  The source and validity of the Apollo 20 clips are unknown, but the images are fascinating.  It’s said the trip was a US / Russia endeavor that had the Apollo lunar module land near the ship and retrieve artifacts including a human-looking corpse resembling an Egyptian mummy.

A final video showed a mummified woman found in a 1.5billion year old spacecraft!

(see links below for these videos)






Guest: Brother Max – Did Jesus Talk About ETs?

We welcomed the return of Brother Max as our guest after getting wires crossed and unable to make the show last week!  He’ll be sharing more stories of his walk about journey and more miracles that have taken place along the way.  Brother Max is always engaging and well-received by those who watch the WITTS broadcast regularly.







Brother Jack Johnson called in and offered a prayer of agreement.










Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

One of many awesome points Sir T made: When trouble comes, people need to get with you because YOU are the “safe area” when you are submitted to God.  God in you, protects you!


Q: regarding the mileage booster report.  Do these technologies work on other fuel systems such a s oil fired furnaces, generators, etc?

Also, I have a short testimony to share.  My wife had awakened this morning with a pain in her back that felt like a pulled muscle.  She asked if I would pray for her so I laid my hand on her back right where the pain was and commanded in Jesus name the the pain would leave and her back would be restored as Jesus’ intended.  When I got to work, it was only about 20 minutes until my wife texted me and let me know that God healed her and the pain was gone.  God is good, ALL THE TIME!

Thank you all for your faithful ministry and all the great work you do.  In faith, I can’t wait to hear about how brother Timothy Martin’s wife has received complete healing in her body!

Q: I’ve heard there is a United States Space Air Force
Q: How many different ministries does WITTS directly support whether financially or with their on location teachings?
Q: Has brother Max read the book of Jasher? Does he have any specific thoughts about it?  » Also has brother Max read “the first book of Adam and Eve, or the second book of Adam and Eve? Any specific thoughts on them?
Q: Can we, as the sons of God, invite our fellow sons of God the father, who are living off planet and who are not of the human family, to be joined with us -or more appropriately, that we be joined with them?                              Is there any reason that we ought not do this?  I would agree in faith to be joined with our extended family in God outside of this human family.
Q: can we get the name of Max’s bible again?
Q: Would Sir T be willing to share his thoughts on the Remote Viewing per Ed Dames especially in relation to the “Solar Killshot” and how this may be the end of times?
C: Thanks Max for aligning those scriptures! I love how in the sixth chapter of Enoch it states that the fallen angels taught mankind “metals”  » and than ron Wyatt says they tested the rivets in Noahs Ark and they were 30% Aluminum. Aluminum was not supposedly created until the 1990’s
Q: Regarding the Killshot, Sir T are there known safe areas that he knows about? Is this something worth tracking?
C: God said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true. … revealed, and that the world shall be destroyed a second time by fire….








References & Links:

2013 Song – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (Original Song)

Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him

Forensic Analysis, of the (Apollo 20) Alien Moon Videos 

Dreadlocked woman found in a 1.5 billion year old spacecraft 




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