Sustainable Christianity Among a Fallen World, Pt2; & N-Machine Overunity Generators You Can Build

Guest Teacher Brother Kyle Smith continues with part 2 of his teaching on “Sustainable Christianity Among a Fallen World.  Among other things, A 120mpg gas saver test and confirmation was discussed, and we talked a lot about Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine, Faraday’s origination of this design, and variants you can build.


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Teaching: Brother Kyle Smith & Sir Timothy Thrapp – Sustainable Christianity Among a Fallen World!, Pt 2

Some Notes from the Teaching:

Brother Kyle issued a Challenge: sit down and study The Word, for at least an hour, For 5 days straight.  And after that fifth day period, see how much better you feel!

Also, Fast.  Seek God, Study the Word while you do it and you will see an explosion in your life of how big God is!

God said many times “Be courageous and Strong and I will fight your battles for you!”  So don’t worry about the evil things the enemy has planned and is currently implementing.  You don’t even have to know about all of them!








Technology & World Highlight:

We discussed some clips from the following videos (and encourage each person to review them in their entirety.)

One of tonight’s videos took a fascinating look into the placebo effect. Doctors and professionals are finding startling results in their tests… something that isn’t yet well understood. Remarkably, WITTS Ministries has been teaching and utilizing Christian teachings to achieve miraculous results for years – no doctor required!

We have a video clip for this week that takes a look at the unipolar generator.  Originally Michael Faraday, the founder of the ministry, discovered and experimented with this unique machine.  More recently Bruce DePalma built and publicly tested modern versions of this device demonstrating considerable over-unity performance.  Sir T will discuss many of the details on how this fundamentally simple machine works and how to get started building one.  Engineers or the mechanically inclined will want to tune in to this broadcast to learn more about the characteristics of unipolar generators and motors.







Brother Alex from Alaska called in and talked about how God led him to WITTS after praying to God to find the truth.

Brother Rich called in and talked about finding us after learning Nikola Tesla was a Christian.  He did some more searching and found WITTS!  He was impressed with WITTS being Christians and who are sincere.  The guy on from Australia a few weeks ago recommended a book called “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs for husbands and wives.  This has really blessed him and his wife!

Sir T recommends also: “Man of Steel & Velvet” by Aubrey Andelin and “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin to study for helping marriage relationships.










Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:


Q: what kind of engine ?

Q: 120mpg

Q: how can it get 120 mpg ?

Q: what is the technology called for the high mileage?
Q: Kyle, was the engine fuel injected?
C: dianetics says 70 % of all illnesses is pscho somatic
Q:  if we keep the cells healthy (with strong antioxidents) , our bodies will be healthy

Q: the best antioxident = mega h (it gave -600 readings on my orp meter)
Q: Sir T , Arent we made in God’s image eg Spirit (were the Holy Sprit lives in us all) Mind and soul and body therefore It’s the spirit that heals us all ?
C: (re. generator) I like the ones used in research… 3-5 meters diameter, millions of Amps output…my “challenges” have always been overcoming the O.D. brush drag losses… requires lots of brush pressure to get maximum current output
Q: would a sphere neio magnet be better with a shaft passing through it ? Also would making the shaft out of Neo Magnet give better voltage?
C: Sphere – not so good, as the outer diameter is where much of the power is created, as the linear speed of the OD is much higher than the linear speed of the ID (linear inches per second speed)

Q: How long was Sir T working with Depalma?

Q: but don’t let anyone keep you from experimenting!
Q: how can we harness the hi amps and lo voltage for good use?
C: but liquid gasoline doesn’t burn…(only the vapor does)
Q: On the magnet generator you showed us, does the magnet and shaft spin at the same rate?
Q: so, you could have an iron shaft spinning through a magnet disk, both not touching?
Q: then which part has to spin?
C: If you use a conductively coated Neo magnet, it serves as both magnet AND conductive disc…or the magnet(s) can be stationary, but close proximity to the spinning disc.  THey get up to 500 Volts at 1-2 MA… HUGE!  They use around 1500-2000 RPM… until they explode.
Q: Graphene is conductive and a lubricant…could you use graphene?
Q: Sir T, would a silver in liquid be better them using mercury bearings ?
C: Also of mention, Dr. Tewari in India built an N Machine power facility in early 90s – made headlines in newspapers – they were going to be ‘free from outside oil’…we see how that worked out.
Q: how do the magnets work with the pyramid box ?

Q: Regarding the spinning versus stationary magnet… the efficiency is directly related to the strength of the magnetic field intensity on the conductive disc. So having the magnet in direct contact with the conductive disc makes it easier to build.
C: All other things being equal, if the field strength is the same, there’s no other benefit to spinning the magnet?









References & Links:

Placebo: Cracking the Code

DePalma N-machine 11/18

My Multi-Axis Homopolar Motor 






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