The Purpose of Jesus’ Mission to this Earth!, & A Study of Complementary Currencies & Banksters

SirT shares more about the purpose Jesus fulfilled when He came to earth!  Our guest Bill Still shares his convictions on world economy, and what’s really to blame for the problems, as well as ways to fix it.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – The Purpose of Jesus’ Mission to This Earth

Taught directly from Gods Word, The Bible.
Warning: This is full strength Gospel. It might be too much for some Christians to handle.  It will not be the watered down version taught in many religious orders.  It is the entire picture that GOD paints in HIS Holy Word!
As Brother Rand put it. “FULL STRENGTH, Christianity” Taught here!






Guest/Topic: Bill Still – Problems & Solutions to the Currency & Banking Problems

Bill Still is one of the foremost experts on the history of banking.  His 3 1/2 hour narrative documentary, The Money Masters, has become a definitive work on the machinations of bankers (banksters) and the long obscured world of the elite pulling the strings behind governments and commerce.  Brother Still will enlighten us to not only the problems with current money systems, but also focus on solutions that could release us from under the umbrella of imposed slavery.  Please check out his website, and support his ongoing quest of educating the public to the scam known as the federal reserve system.  Now making a new movie called “Jekyll Island.”  Pre-order from

Check out one local economy money idea:,  started by Wayne Walton – he started 5 complementary currencies around the US already.  He believes in it and has funded all those himself.





Further Studies:

We have an amazing short video clip from a movie released in 1981, My Dinner With Andre.  It is as if the writer of this incredible 5 minute dialog had a glimpse of things coming to light 30 years in the future.  Remarkable to see how spot-on this is.  A Higher Conscious Conversation


Also discussed was a clip of a thriving economy that abandons cash and instead uses commodities for trade.  No one goes hungry or without education in this unconventional community.  The Real Piggy Bank – Vanuatu–Ogr1J7hLs







Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: What Are Brother Bill’s comments on Iceland and what they did to the bankers?

Q: Based on Bill’s knowledge, what are some recommendations Bill can offer us blue collar folks for when the financial collapse does come? Also, what financial system does he see replacing the current system?

Q: Is the Church dropping the ball because it has not created it’s own complementary currency?

Q: Can you outline a plan for us in the ministry to start our own complementary currency?

Q: Where can we go for resources to help us implement a church barter system? (local currency)

Q: Is the BRICS financial attempt successfully being achieved at the moment?

Q: Here in Brazil our internal debt is already more than 2 trillion

Q: could you comment on the timebank movement ?

Q: Thanks for the show tonight everyone! I think I might look into the buying and selling (gold and silver consultation)….would the system work here in Canada too?

Q: Do we have a time span for the economic collapse?

Q: Bill, thoughts on tithing?









References & Links:

A Higher Conscious Conversation

The Real Piggy Bank – Vanuatu–Ogr1J7hLs









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