Born to Win!, 2012 Strangeness, Becoming A Player Rather than a Spectator

SirT shares how we all are really born to win!  Also, our guest Randy Urban shares his convictions on being a Player rather than a spectator.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Born to Win!

We were all born winners!

Even if life tries to program us to think otherwise.

But the truth is that the “Seeds of Greatness” have been sown within each of us.

We will show this from The Good Book.

Theme: I John 3:9




Guest/Topic: Brother Rand (Randy Urban) – Becoming A Player Rather than a Spectator

Brother Rand spoke on becoming a player rather than a spectator:  Giving to the cause and getting real!  Brother Rand is passionate about the mission of WITTS and would like to encourage everyone to become active in tithing if so led by the spirit.  Follow your heart. 






Further Studies:

We discussed some great video tonight including astronaut Edgar Mitchell disclosing information about the extraterrestrial presence and the ongoing coverup by government agencies.


We also showed a compilation clip of strange and unusual environmental phenomenon that took place in 2012.  There does appear to be something happening with changes taking place.  What does it mean?







Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: Its the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy!  I am studying in New American Standard is that a good translation?
C: Most people have the misconception that God is a mean ole son of a gun! NOT TRUE!

C: Did I just see what I think I saw!!?sisterlydia: It looked like a space ship…

C: I have had dinner with Edgar and He certainly believes.  This was about a year or so ago. We spoke about many things. He seemed to have a good heart and want better for everyone

C: So, the bigger and more polluted the city, the more oxygen starved the peoples brains are, and the more suggestable the sheeple become.

C: Sir T, so what was the cause that birds and fish died so much?

C: I’ve seen that video clip…..also more groaning in Russia, I think it was Russia….hmm
C: Absolutely amazing fresh old truth. Actually doesn’t seemed to have aged a bit. Love it.
C: Do you agree SIr T that GOD is the smartest business man, why not have him on your team?
C: Sir T, praise God!, i have successfully replicated ufopulitics asymmetrical motor on a 9v motor (the link somewhere on witts website) its my first hands on experiments with this technology

C: James Dobson of shared his dad’s story: He tithed 20%+ and when the hail came through their county all the neighbor’s farms got leveled. He was standing on his porch watching the hail level the neighbor’s farm and the hail stopp..
C: I have in the past asked God to bring those in need to me maybe 1 a day and he will do it.
C: I work strange hours at my office and he brings people to get help anytime i ask
C: Have you seen the info about the PRIMER FIELDS by DaveLaPoint777?
C: I have asked God when going to church on Sunday, “Am I really building your kingdom God, or my pastor’s empire?”
Q: Have you heard about dissolving a small amount of lithium grease in your gasoline to improve gas mileage?
C: I believe that O’leary was diagnosed of a Heart Attack. We all know that the CIA has heart attack weapons, both chemical and electronic.
C: He was MURDERED because He refused to obey their orders. He left the Country to get away from them, however in the end it didn’t help
C: I heard from an “Energy from the Vacuum” documentary that white lithium dissolved in your gas is in the realm of cold fusion and adds many more BTU’s when it is combusted. ???
C: I have not heard of the lithium grease. I have heard of adding alcohol to non ethanol’d gas to increase the mileage, though.
C: God is the best technology
C: I just purchased an HHO generator and will be installing it in my car soon…will share the results when I see them…
C: Reading JT Free Energy 101

C: Same with other solvents, tend to eat up rubber components within the fuel system
C: Depending upon how they are producing the HHO, if they are ‘Horsing’ it out through high amperage, then you can count on replacing your alternator within a short period
C: Lisa, be careful with HHO systems, depending upon manufacturer
C: Lisa, you also need to address the Oxygen sensor, because the O2 sensor will sense more Oxygen, then it will cause the engine controller to use more gas, thus defeating the HHO system.
–re. HHO – Yes, Sir T KNOWS the real way to do it.  A little more complicated than the average stuff out there, but you can run the car off it alone.










References & Links:

Former Astronaut Explains The UFO Cover-Up 2013

2012 Something Is Going On!

Метеорит-НЛО-Челябинск. Нас спасли??? (Meteor intercept)!

The ozonator SirT referenced during the show: The “Aqua 6” from A2Z in Kentucky









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