Sir Timothy Teaches on How to Remove the Blinders from your Loved Ones.

How to deal with the situation of sharing truth with those who refuse to listen, or are fooled by the blinders that have been put in place to mislead people.

Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – How to Remove the Blinders from Your Loved Ones

Why is it so difficult to spread truth and new information to others without becoming an outcast to our friends and family?  Sir T shares his thoughts on this, and a basis of some very helpful ideas from the Word of God.




Guest/Topic: Brother Timothy Martin The Sun, and Interesting Facts about it.  And, “The Gold and The Silver are mine, says The Lord God.” – Real treasures uncovered in the Philippines!

Tonight Brother Martin and Sir T will be discussing “The Gold and The Silver are mine, says The Lord God.”  As mentioned on past shows, there are vast fortunes in gold, silver and treasure that have been stolen and horded by elite individuals and groups.  Although rarely revealed, for centuries wars have been fought over these treasures and who controls them.  At times, stolen loot was hidden and stashed in underground bunkers to be retrieved later once things cooled off.  Sir T will speak first hand about treasures hidden in the Philippines for years…  how and who sought to recover them.

Also, Brother Martin will be discussing further details about The One People’s Public Trust which burst onto the alternative social networking in late December.  It essentially records and reveals the foreclosure on the fictional banks, governments, and corporations… establishing that the people of earth are sovereign beings responsible solely toward themselves and their Creator.  This subject relates significantly to the vast fortunes mentioned above.  Does anyone have the right to rule and control others?  What about the vast resources of the planet?  Can one person or group “own” them?

For further reading and information the see the links below:

PEOPLES TRUST 1776, the official website

OPPT – The Unfolding Story

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

The websites are not endorsed by WITTS Ministries, but are provided as a reference for additional research.





Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: What is the Sun if it is as this guy in the video says? Is it a field of energy? (As opposed to matter)

Q: It sounds like the faith of God’s people passing judgement on the banksters and dark side is starting to have it’s effect. I credit the turning tide to our faith and commanding it so in God’s authority.

Q: OPPT the final bullet report, the paradigm report etc pushing the envelope to break down these govt agencies and foreclose on them, isn’t it possible that this might push us all toward having to embrace the New World Order…like a set-up?…

C: Better: Proverbs 7:1-2 My Son, keep my words, and treasure my commands within you. Keep my commands and live.

C: Our educational system was sabotaged into an indoctrination system. So most people do not know how to think for themselves.  Too much herd mentality where the herd believe a bunch of lies.  Its going to take a huge team of independent Christian thinkers.

Q: “Living Magnetism?” Can we have more information?

Q: Just want a quick “general” answer from SirT – on Magnetism… any thought on if physical magnets are actually a ‘source’ of magnetism, or are they just a ‘concentrator’ of ambient energy, focusing it into magnetic fields?

Q: Be the change you want to see

C: Faraday disk experiment causes many questions, when you can spin both magnet and metal fastened disc, yet voltage/current is still generated!   even w/o differential movement…» ie: Bruce DePalma… large, proven




References & Links:

NASA | Death-Defying Comets Explore the Sun’s Atmosphere

BREAKING NEWS – Eric Dollard – The TRUTH about the Sun – 29\01\2013




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