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SirT follows up on last week’s topic of removing the blinders from your loved ones, and shares some fresh words from the Lord.


Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Three Fresh Words from God! (Rhema)

Sir T will be teaching on 3 power thoughts/subjects. (briefly on each)

1. How to storm the gates of Heaven to learn great and mighty things from God Almighty!  And…
2. Why God wants the Christian to do this regularly.
3.   1 John 4:17.  As HE (God) is, so are we in this world.




Guest/Topic: Sister Poornima Wagh – Intelligent Design

Tonight our guest sister Poornima Wagh, has some very interesting information to share tonight on Darwinian evolution.  She’s provided us some notes, included below, that were discussed in further detail during the show.

First her bio:

I was born in Bombay (now Mumbai, India) in 1972. Came to the United States in 1991 when I was 18 years of age to attend university. Obtained my Bachelor’s degree in finance from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland in 1995 and then my MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in finance in 2000. Worked in the finance, government, non-profit and banking industries combined for over 16 years. Then in 2007, I took a detour into biology. Took several courses in plant biology, animal biology, chemistry, molecular biology and medical microbiology from Santa Barbara City College with the intention of obtaining a SECOND Master’s degree and eventually a PhD in microbiology and infectious diseases from Cambridge University, England. I’m 2/3rd’s of my way there. Most of my foundation courses in biology are completed, now I have to apply and get into graduate school in England. I’m looking into the London School of hygiene and tropical medicine to get a Master’s degree and then on to Cambridge University for the PhD.

Now an introduction to her topic for tonight:

During my stint at Santa Barbara City College where I took the prerequisite biology courses, it became very evident that Darwinian evolution does not make much sense. Here are some bullet points to prove why it does not work:

    1. There was a massive explosion of life on this planet 530 million years ago called the “Cambrian Explosion,” during which time all sorts of creatures which evolved SIMULTANEOUSLY came to exist on this planet in various forms of complexity. This complexity cannot be explained by Darwinian evolution, as darwinists believe that ALL life on this planet evolved from simpler forms of life and then goes from there. If this is true, Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot explain the complexity of life that SUDDENLY exploded on this planet (hence the Cambrian explosion) in various forms 530 million years ago.

    2. Darwin’s famous finches that he studied on the Galapagos islands in 1835 which are cited as case studies of evolution are the SAME species which interbreed with each other. By definition, when birds that have straight beaks and birds that have curved beaks mate, have ADAPTED to their environment and have not evolved into other species. By Darwinist evolutionary definitions, a species is one that is different from the original one and cannot breed with the other. The fact that the finches interbreed, have adapted in one way to the environment and can adapt back when the environment changes again, is not evolution, but mere adaptation.

    3. There is NO FOSSIL RECORD EVIDENCE at all to prove that we human beings have evolved from apes. In fact Darwinists love to gloat in the fact that we’re 99% similar to apes in our DNA makeup, but that 1% difference is what matters and does not predicate the fact that we as a species have evolved from apes. Similarity (homology) does not indicate a common ancestor (far from it as a matter of fact). In fact, Darwinists have yet to find the all elusive missing link. Every time they find a partial ape skeleton somewhere, they call it the missing link in a huge PR propaganda campaign that holds no basis in science, but more in hogwash and humbug.

    4. Esteemed scientists from the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, Doug Axe and Ann Gauger refute the fact that humans evolved from apes. Below is an excerpt from the Discovery Institute’s summary on the book by these scientists:

    Science & Human Origins, a provocative book from Discovery Institute Press, boldly addresses some of the most popular evolutionary arguments pertaining to controversial claims that humans and apes are related through common ancestry. In Science & Human Origins three scientists challenge the claim that undirected natural selection is capable of building a human being. The authors critically assess fossil and genetic evidence that human beings share a common ancestor with apes, and debunk recent claims that the human race could not have started from an original couple. The three scientists—molecular biologist Dr. Douglas Axe, developmental biologist and geneticist Dr. Ann Gauger, and earth scientist Casey Luskin investigate some of the most pressing questions in the human origins debate.

        Dr. Axe is a molecular biologist and Director of Biologic Institute, and received his Ph.D. from Caltech. He explains why the Darwinian mechanism cannot produce complex multimutation features under reasonable timescale. According to his research, there is dramatically insufficient time allowed by the fossil record to evolve observed biological differences between humans and apes by random mutation and natural selection.

        Dr. Gauger, a Senior Research Scientist at Biologic Institute who holds a Ph.D. in developmental biology from the University of Washington and did her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University, then tackles the hottest topic in the debate over human origins—the genetic evidence and claims that it proves humans could not have been descended from an initial pair. According to Gauger, those who argue that genetics negates the possibility we are all related through an initial pair of humans have overstated their case. Dr. Gauger concludes on the basis of population genetics that the genetic evidence is quite compatible with the view that humans are descended from an original pair.

        Casey Luskin, who earned his M.S. in Earth Sciences from the University of California, San Diego and conducted geological research at the Scripps Institution for Oceanography, then looks at the fossil evidence, and explains why an objective assessment of the fossil data does not support the view that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors.

    Science and Human Origins is a book about science yet its importance lies no less in anthropology. Not anthropology the social-science field, but the ageless enigma of what a man is. Are you a clever animal, or something incomparably other? In his Introduction, John West cites G.K. Chesterton who wrote that, “Man is not merely an evolution but rather a revolution.” That frames the subject concisely.

    If the book’s message can be crystalized in brief, it is that the scientific mystery of man’s origins remains very much a mystery. Aggressive advocates of scientism — and some equally aggressive theistic evolutionists who claim to disavow scientism — insist that evolutionary biology has got us all figured out. But this is a huge bluff.

    Of concern to the authors of Science and Human Origins is the attempt by dogmatic Big Science to insist on a simplistic and false account of where we came from, an account to be spat back automatically upon request by all students and adults. With parents, teachers and legislators pressing successfully for academic freedom in public schools, the book could hardly be more timely.

    5. Finally, the last point against Darwinian evolution: The scientists and neo-Darwinists cannot explain beyond RNA (Ribonucleic acid: the blue print of life), they cannot explain the phenomenon of transposons (transposable elements) which they naively call “junk DNA,” believing it does not do anything in our bodies or serve any purpose at all and to back these ridiculous claims they cite Francis Crick, the nobel laureate who discovered DNA. These people cannot explain Darwinist evolution in terms of mathematical probabilities which blatantly prove that mutations are NON RANDOM and NOT BY CHANCE.

    Anyways, I could go on and on on this topic, because there is more and more logical and IRREFUTABLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AGAINST Darwinian evolution THAN in favor of it. But, this is the CRUX of what I will be talking about tomorrow.

    Also, I will be mentioning the basic postulates and definition of Darwinist evolution which are as follows:

    1. All life has originated and evolved from ONE COMMON ancestor (my comment: NOT! Really, what planet do you live on).

    2. All mutations and changes are random and happen by chance (my comment: sure, and by the way pigs can fly).

    3. Natural selection is the same as evolution (my comment: sure thing, if you want to look like a fool when I explain the simple differences between the two).

I hope this LONG summary has piqued (or bored you to death) your interest in this subject. Looking forward to being on the air tomorrow.







Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: Sister Poornima, I agree that that the academic system of peer review is too much peer pressure & prejudice and not open minded. Could you imagine a better system that would put mankind on the fast track to real advancement in knowledge?

Q: What do you think of the new 5 year study on Bigfoot DNA were they have found human female mitochondrial DNA? Dr Melba Ketchum is the name of the doctor.    They also found other DNA not previously mapped.     When released to the USA scientific community it was utterly rejected…

Q: If Darwinism has hit the dust, what is the hypothesis Sister Poornima is suggesting in it’s stead?

C: Selective breeding is not evolution (Is it?). (How better to handle this distinction and should there be a distinction?)

C: All these PhD guy have been indoctrinated into advanced techniques of hiding behind obscure words and abstract mathematical notations so that they do not have to admit that they don’t understand this stuff either. (As for evolution its all non-sense…)

Q:What is sister poornimas thoughts on the cave drawings that span from around the world of dragons, and other dinosaurs?

Q: Is there a name for the belief that the humans interbred with extraterrestrials? Or came from outer space?

C: Do you think the IRS, Fed Reserve, and the criminal monetary facets of the US govt. have long to go? Sir T mentioned that God showed him the IRS days are numbered.

C: Dr. Paul Hegstrom of Life Skills INTL says there is evidence that people with transplants from other people somehow obtain memories of the donor’s life.

C: There’s a book on irreducable complexity called Darwins Black Box. Very good read. I highly recommend it.

C: Footprints of man and dinosaurs have been found together in Rose Texas proving that man and dinosaurs walked the same ground.

C: Evolution is false from top to bottom

C: Dinosaur and human footprints. Sounds like in the Paluxy riverbed in Texas.

Q: Can you comment on the idea of spiritual DNA

C: The understanding is that our muscle tissues, especially the heart, are wired similar to our brains, thus recipients somehow get memories from their donors.

C: I work on old buildings and believe that even the building materials can act as magnetic tape recording things in the spiritual realm that get recorded in those building materials. Our bodies do the same. We can experience those things later -even years later.

C: -and by the power of God can we cleans those recordings that ought not be there.  And to re-set those recordings that are skewed and broken.  I believe that this is how he raises people from the dead.

–The cure for common cold: H2O2 (food Grade) nasal spray

–Sir T what do you think about the Keshe Foundation.org and their free energy generator and also about DaveLaPoint777 on youtube with the Primer Fields Theory/Discovery?

–If Christ resides in us, as true Believers in Him, how can we NOT have access to His power and Authority?

–Without the BELIEF, faith is an empty shell.









Brother Levi’s steps to success in using the power of God in his own life (The Primary Technology We Teach) for personal healing…

1. I take authority over my health situation, I command in the name of Jesus Christ that my soar throat / coughing (other symptoms) to disappear,

2. I command Evil to take his hand off my heath situation,

3. I command healing into my body,


5. I thank God that I’m healed, In the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

The words I BELIEVE THAT I’M HEALED are in bold because that is the moment of the prayer when I really feel that those symptoms are disappearing!!

“as you believe, so you receive”

thanks and God bless you!






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