Our Guest: Sherry Peel Jackson

…What happened to Sherry Peel Jackson when she discovered terrible injustice and began to awaken people to it. Persecuted, yet standing firm against the storms that came, she stuck to her integrity, and challenged corrupt government…  Listen below to her amazing story, and the still ongoing persecution.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Healing is the Children’s Bread, Pt 2!

Many scriptures covered here and well worth studying.

Regarding Evil people –

If we don’t stand up and hold our servants (the elected and non-elected officials/governors) accountable, they will rob us blind.  It’s not just a good thing to do, it’s our JOB and our Responsibility, that has been given to us by God!  Not only that, but all servants of God have been given Authority over the evil around them.   But they’ve been brainwashed to be “normal people”, neutered into believing they don’t have any special purpose, ability, or authority, or calling.  God’s way is better.  Study HIS Word, get it in your Spirit.  You will find that you actually ARE special!  As a man thinks, SO IS HE.  Think God’s way, and you will be able to do amazing, extraordinary things on this planet!



Guest/Topic: Sherry Peel Jackson – Slavery to the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and other Corrupt Organizations – what you can DO about it

Sherry Peel Jackson

Sherry Peel Jackson on Tonight’s Netcast


A little more about Sherry Peel Jackson: She was thrust into the national spotlight for taking a stand against government theft and landed in Federal prison for three years.  Mrs. Sherry Peel Jackson, a former CPA, CFE and Internal Revenue Agent, experienced God like never before while behind bars.  She used her time in prison to form a spiritually intimate relationship with the Lord, minister to other inmates and to write several books and journals. 


Mrs. Sherry Peel Jackson formed Titus 2 International Women’s Ministry to help women reclaim and, for some, discover God’s purpose for women in these last days.  She formed Wake The People International Ministry to bring a Christian worldview to the social and political arena and to give a counterpoint to mainstream media.  Mrs. Sherry Peel Jackson lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia with her husband Colin.  She has two children in college.  For more information and to arrange speaking engagements, contact Mrs. Jackson at www.titus2345.org for the women’s ministry and www.wakethepeople.org for the social/political ministry.  Visit her official blog at http://www.sherrypeeljackson.org/


Note:  Sherry Peel Jackson was interviewed in Aaron Russo’s landmark documentary, America: Freedom to Facism, released in 2006.  Exposing the US income tax, IRS and the Federal Reserve System as corrupt scams, the documentary was one of the first responsible for exposing the truth to a wide audience in theaters. 


Romans 13 – True, but what is Caesar’s?  The government was not ever intended to be “the provider,” or to provide welfare, or many of the other non-biblical ventures government has sucked under its grasp.  Most of these are because Christians have not been doing their job,  And evil has crept in.  Do we fear God or Man the most?




Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: Sister sherry, if you had to go through all the things you have been through again. What you take the same path and is there anything different you would do looking back?

Q: Has Sherry watched Theft by Deception? He thoughts, if so?

Q: Brother Martin and Sir Tim, I appreciate the ways that you too also take action each week to speak out and keep us aware…through your work with WITTS…it helps to bring Sister Sherry to us! Thank you. This is so valuable.

Q: Did the judge give you the maximum penalty?

Q: have you looked at paying the IRS via the “Accepted for Value” method?


C,Q: Regarding the battery quickener: This would work great on my solar power system, the batteries are the weak point of the system. when will this be available? what voltage range will it work in? 24? 48?

Q: What battery chemistry’s are allowable? (NiMh, NiCd, Li-Ion, etc.) & What’s in there?

C: Quote from Tom Cryer “Do not fight the beast in his lair, draw him out and than do the battling”

Q: How is the Bible mis-interpreted by Christians that keeps them in bondage to the the dark side???

C: Since God gave His children His authority, does he not mean for us to use that authority? He expects us to use His authority in deed.





Further Discussion:

Sir Timothy shows a prototype of the remarkable battery quickener he mentioned on last week’s show!  As additional testing and engineering is underway, plans to have this available as a gift to our supporters is being discussed.





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