Sir Timothy speaks on the topic Healing is the Children’s Bread

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Healing is the Children’s Bread!



Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith – Slavery and the Eight Veils

Kyle 1-23-2013Do people sometimes think you’re crazy when you bring up topics, like those discussed on our weekly show? Such as free energy or anti-gravity machines?  How about elite criminal bankers and corrupt institutions such as schools and governments? What about UFOs and extraterrestrials?  Even talk of miracles can result in glazed stares from folks.  Brother Kyle and the video may help you understand what causes this disconnect and why some may look at you sideways the next time you bring up an alternative subject.





Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: Amen we conquer (by you sharing your experiences Sir T) the rain comes and goes by command in Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) name which is above all names.  As well as people being healed and raised from the dead as a witness to his word being spoken. halleluya…   » (Feeding on the Word of God) That’s right! That is what it takes keep feeding on the word of God ! Let his word go deep into your heart!

C: did we not talk about gravity not being a law but to be viewed as something else? Not to belittle the point but the scripture is much more reliable than the law of gravity.  -just a free thought

C: Yahshua was considered insane by some around him and he asked his disciples if they would go away also, sir T

C: With regard to the veils, there are biblical prophecies that people will not be able to believe the real truth as reported by those who see past the veils!

C: Sir T, When I share what WITTS has shared to believers I get mostly blank stares but I have been proving the miracle part to many of them!

C: Bro Martin, Great name for the TV -the LIE BOX!

Q: I was unaware that John G Lake had any dealings with Ghandi

C: John Wsol: Ecc 5:8 Moreover the profit of the earth is for all: the king [himself] is served by the field.» ^^^ The field is the resources of the Earth and the Dominant Field.

Q: What do you think about the freeman movement and paying debts by “accepting them for value?”

C: “Nice show first time visitor thank you for invite ”

C: Thanks Kyle for that testimony!

C: Thank you Sir T for putting a stop to the ministry hemorrhaging time and resources to those who are unwilling to feed and encourage this ministry!!

Q: Sir T have you had the opportunity to see the device by Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano (from Peru) called a Force Multiplier…using an asymmetrical linked motor shaft?

C: I think perhaps the real reason for most recent wars has actually been to enforce the money system

Q: Is the second coming of Jesus (going to be) when we awake to realize he is working through each one of us?

Q: How do we balance Scripture where it says we are to obey those in authority over us, but say that we are completely free with no powers over us…?

Q: Was the 9/11 towers taken out by a directed energy wepon, or did a directed energy wepon have anything to do with it? Your thoughts?

Q: Please pray (agree) with me that God will end the cold snap in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I need to get my rental occupied.   I will donate the first month rent to WITTs when this prayer is answered.   I have been taking authority but I need to get stronger.  Thanks.




Further Discussion:

Our video for tonight featured a brief clip discussing why the UFO and extraterrestrial presence is kept so quiet with few who are willing to come forward and speak about it.  Sir T has spoken about his own experiences regarding this subject.




References & Links:

Slavery And The 8 Veils –

Another interesting video that explains many techniques people use to quiet the truth.



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