Who Are the Sons of God? and What Does It Mean? Sir Timothy Thrapp answers this question in Part 3 of this series.
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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Who Are the Sons of God? and What Does It Mean? Part 3

who are the sons of god

Sir Timothy shares more on the topic of “who are the sons of God” and what does this mean for us.

Romans 8:14 gives a definition (paraphrase): As many as are led by the Spirit of God… those are who are the sons of God.

From last week, Psalms 82 – entire chapter – talks about those who are the sons of God, who refuse to ACT like it – they “will die as men.”




Guest/Topic: Pastor Drake Bulwa – Divine Healing & How You Can Have It Too!

Pastor Bulwa shared many testimonies of people healed.  He keeps in touch with many of these people weekly, and is able to confirm their healings were maintained!  Pastor Bulwa shares how everyone can receive God’s healing power in their lives daily.

You can reach Pastor Drake Bulwa in Chicago via email: thebulwas@aol.com


Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

–How frequently does brother Drake see miracles? once a week/once a month / once a day?

–Is there any way to know if storms have been influenced by man (HAARP) or any such technology?
–Does Pastor Bulwa believe more miracles are common through Christians in Africa? Is this because of their belief?
–There are online accounts of HAARP activity to either create or control the storm…what is HAARP?

–Do you think that our worldly ‘stuff’ interferes with God moving?
–You mentioned that you do missions in South Korea also. I would like to attend. Do you have any plans in the immediate future?
–I have video showing how Sandy was aided by the use of Chemtrails along with HAARP. Many Chem dumps helps them to steer the storm as well as ‘seed’ it.

–I was wondering if the Lord revealed anything to you guys that you’re allowed to tell us regarding this election.
–Would you say that taking up our God given authority is similar to owning responsibility to act as an agent of God on earth?
–We won’t meet here again until after the “election”, let’s agree in JESUS name that GOD’s will be done, that a MIRACLE will happen that’s undeniably GOD… as Mr Bulwa said, that God will get the glory.


References & Links:

-Song Played:  Third Day – Children of God – with Lyrics  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9RqVRBtjM4

-Several people referenced a Youtube video demonstrating the recent weather control of hurricane Sandy:



Who Are the Sons of God? What it means to be created in the image and likeness of God! Part 3


Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


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Sir T will continue his teaching tonight: Who Are the Sons of God? What it means to be created in the image and likeness of God! Part 3


This week’s guest is Pastor Drake Bulwa. Originally born and raised in Uganda, he was called by God to come to the United States.  He worked as a pastor for ten years in the Vineyard Church after which he held a regular job outside the church.  Lately he is being called back to minister in Uganda and possibly Sudan.  Tonight he’ll be sharing testimonies on divine healing as well as teaching how more people can have this power in their lives.


For our video clip, we will show some images of advanced space craft and technology possibly hidden at Area 51.  We’ll have some discussion of how some of the technologies might work and what they do.


How do you feed nearly two-hundred hungry people when you prepared only enough for 40?  Sir T has a remarkable report from his recent trip to a remote area, carrying food in to feed the kids!  You won’t want to miss this!   



As is usually the case, this week’s show looks to be another fascinating insight into topics few ministries touch! 


Please try to join us if you can!