How to be Led by the Holy Spirit is the title of the program tonight.  Join us as Sir Timothy Thrapp shares his study and teaching to help us know, in very practical ways, how to be led by The Holy Spirit.




Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How to be Led by The Holy Spirit

How to be Led by The Holy Spirit

Remember, the most important technology is the technology of God!

The starting text for  How to be led by The Holy Spirit is found in Proverbs 4:21.




Guest/Topic: Brother Jim Libbey – Colloidal Silver – Home remedies and healings he’s seen.




“Silver Lungs” is the product he uses to make the colloidal silver.









Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:
–Can you explain how the HAARP system can manipulate the weather…and could the hurricane we just had in the NE be a product of this type of munipulation?  Thanks.
–In your opinion or in God’s Word, does the word of God charge us up with the power of God that gets dispensed when we exercise faith?
–Can you tell us the exact process and/or machine you use for making the silver?  Also, what’s your maximum particle size?
–Have you heard anything about the white dragon society? Or Ben Fulford and his attempt to expose the dark cabal?
–Do people sometimes get healed because of something that ‘enables’ their faith?  Like, using a healing light or QUEET – sometimes it enables the person to release their faith – similar to a prayer cloth?
–Do you think that the silver will heal bad teeth (the roots)?
–What are your thoughts on Billy Meier (aka Eduard Albert Meier) Supposed Pleiadian contactee?
–Did the Grey Alien you interacted with look anything like the depictions on drawings, videos or television?
–Sir. T’s opinion of the viability of the Searle technology?
–Comment for the show: Every person with this ministry is the best people I know. I have found the best hearts around in this place.




References & Links:

Banking, the Greatest Scam on Earth! – (via youtube)





How to be Led by the Holy Spirit


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For our teaching tonight, Sir T begins an excellent new teaching titled: How to be Led by The Holy Spirit


Our guest joining us this week is our dear Brother Jim Libbey.  He’ll be sharing testimonies and also some interesting information on Colloidal Silver.  In case you’re unfamiliar with colloidal silver, don’t miss this show!  Silver has been known for centuries to be very effective as a natural antibiotic.  Tonight Brother Libbey will be explaining how silver can be used to help your body’s immune system keep you well.


We will also have a short video explaining, “Banking, the Greatest Scam on Earth!”  This topic comes up often and is important for everyone to know why our “modern” banking system is detrimental to furthering human evolution.  The more who are aware, the less likely it can continue.  Don’t miss this!


As is usually the case, this week’s show looks to be another fascinating insight into topics few ministries touch!  Please try to join us if you can!