Who are the sons of God?  How is this message different than “new age” teachings?



Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Who Are the Sons of God? and What Does It Mean? Part 2

Who are the sons of God

Who are the sons of God?



So who are the sons of God?  Listen to the 1st 20minutes to find out!  Even today, many of the body of Christ are confused on this topic, as they were in the days Jesus walked the earth.  Sir T reveals what many scriptures say in answer to this question: who are the sons of God.  Psalms 82 is one of the main texts.







Guest/Topic: Brother James Godsil – Aquaponics Expert

Much video shown about the incredible sweet water facility near Milwaukee.

visit: http://sweetwater-organic.com/

visit: http://sweetwaterfoundation.com 



Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

— Q: I have read that the pit of fire was a pit the garbage was burned up in out side of town, and so what some believe is that those are whom life ends. They do not have eternal life. I don’t know except some believe t have been to hell in a near death experience. Do you believe an eternal torment is for sure true?

— Q: How much electricity does it take to run the Auquaponics system?

— Q: Does anyone know what the media is that you plant the plants in. Also what size water pump and where do you get it?

— Q: Brother James: where do we find the group you recommended to join? Is it on facebook or some other resource? Is there a website for those interested in the open source groups?

–Q: Can walleye fish be used in this system. (Walleye tastes really good.)

— Q: Do the fish naturally spawn or do you have to buy fish all the time?

— Q: To experiment, could someone could set up gold fish tank on a strong lower shelf with a foot deep tray for herbs in the upper tray. It could fill and drain using NEW toilet hardware that would flush as soon as it was slowly filled with a small pump…craigslist bout $50…

— Q: Can you get the fish to spawn in the tanks?  Bluegills spawn up to three times per year. Do they work in this system?

— What about an EMP caused by a Coronal Mass Ejection…nothing OK even against an EMP like this? Is there a level to watch for?

— Q: What kind of metal case would you need to put these electronics in and would it need to be buried?

— C: OCTOBER 23, 2012: X Class 1.8 Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth Knocks Out Satellites and High Frequency Radio’s for 1 Hour NASA NOAA –this was yesterday…per SPACEWEATHER NEWS



References & Links:


Video shown: Video of Sweet Water Facility being shown to a group of people – Youtube:

Sweet Water Organics – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mQCyobR0kk


Suggestions from Chat:

Cheap or free Aquaponics tanks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYFM7J_TpTU&feature=related

Link to a pump that requires no electricity to operate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWqDurunnK8

‘backyardaquaponics’ on Youtube seems to have great free videos for home Aquaponics.  The people seem wholesome. Hope this blesses people.



Who Are the Sons of God? and What Does It Mean? Part 2



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On our broadcast tonight, Sir T continues with his teaching on: Who Are the Sons of God? and What Does It Mean? Part 2.


Joining us this week is Brother James Godsil, one of the foremost experts in the area of Aquaponics.   


James Godsil is the co-founder of Sweet Water Organics, Inc. and the president of the Sweet Water Foundation 501(c)(3). James was a board member of Growing Power from 2005-2010. He was a doctoral candidate Political Economics and a National Science Foundation and Fulbright Fellow. He is the founder of the Milwaukee Renaissance On Line Magazine, the founder and President of the Community Roofing & Restoration since 1975 and the Milwaukee Entrepreneur of the Year 2010. Most recently James was part of the State Department American Speakers Program for India regarding Innovations in Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics.


“Sweet Water has converted a former crane factory in Milwaukee into an indoor wetland, raising about 80,000 fish in tanks topped by beds of lettuce and other crops” – The Wall Street Journal


This is going to be a fascinating broadcast so please try to join us live!