Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing!

What is the single biggest hurdle to getting healed?  Find out in the broadcast!


Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith – Spheres, Orbs, and various “Signs and Wonders!” – Lots of pictures of orbs in church services, some CLEARLY dispelling myths that the orbs in pictures are merely dust spots on lenses!


References & Links:

Youtube of the Glory Cloud from Bethel Church in TX, posted by SisterLydia

sisterlydia: This is the best ministry in my opinion with regards to healing- its www.tlsm.org and go to the teaching called ” the tongue”, speaking Gods mighty word!, for your healing….its legit.


Great Quotes from the Broadcast:

“Our experience with faster-than-light-travel is limited to wormholes and teleportation, but…” – Sir Timothy Thrapp


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Additional info on ‘Prophet Yahweh’ to be posted once Sir Timothy has had a chance to speak to him personally.  There’s lots of negative info out there on the internet about him, so Sir Timothy would like to try and get in touch with him personally.

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Some pictures of Orbs in a church:

This orb was in the church service.

Notice the cell-like structures within the orb
















Orb in church

Notice the orb is blocked by his neck and head - Can't be dust on lens!















Notice the Orb is blocked by the banner - This is NOT dust on the lens









The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing!


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Tonight Sir T starts off a new teaching series: The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing!


Our guest will be Brother Kyle Smith who will be discussing the topic of Spheres, Orbs, and various “Signs and Wonders!” As our regular viewers know, WITTS Ministries doesn’t shy away from subjects that are often seemingly avoided by other organizations. In past shows we’ve talked about everything from UFOs & Extraterrestrials, corrupt government and banking, to quantum energy and anti-gravity transportation.


Join us for the broadcast and learn with us as we explore this interesting subject. We’ll even have a short video of a man who can summon UFOs and ends up surprising a local news channel reporter who didn’t expect what showed up!


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Questions / Comments / Further Discussion:

Q: What do you think of the Bob Beck four step healing protocol? (oxygenator for water, magnetic pulser, colloidal silver)

Q: How do you recommend to deal with a spouse who is telling you not to talk about God to others, and is constantly fighting me about trying to teach her how to be healed by Jesus

Q: Why do you think the orbs make the crop circles in great britain?

Q: What do you recommend for lyme disease?

Q: Prayers for Janice…: Are you praying for people tonight? My husband broke his finger last night. His whole hand is swollen & black & blue. » He is in a lot of pain.