Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Part 2

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – The Sun, Space Elevators, Planet Formation & Much Much More!

–Sir Timothy related another fascinating Ron Brandt story, this one about an unintentional flying dump truck, and how it led to the birth of the skybike, and it’s variants.

–The Best Stuff is in the show  – watch, study, and find secret treasures!


Questions / Comments / Further Discussion:

–Can you talk about the way the super rich make the underground cities?  How fast can they build them?

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This week Sir T will start our broadcast with a continuation of teaching: The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing! Part 2


Tonight’s guest will be Brother Martin.  He will be putting Sir T on the hot seat again, discussing space stations, anti-gravity propulsion systems, and flying dump trucks!  Yes, that’s correct, Sir T will talk about some things that will definitely surprise us all!  No doubt  even long time viewers haven’t heard what we’ll learn tonight!


We would like to remind everyone interested in some of the technology WITTS Ministries has developed and tested.  There is a fantastic e-book available from the Gifts Page, Free Energy 101.  Written by engineer/author J.T. to document his remarkable adventure with WITTS and Sir T (Fred).  We encourage the technically curious to check it out if you can.  There isn’t another resource available with this insight into the unusual world of free energy and other amazing inventions and technologies.


Also, we’re planning a few short videos of strange goings-on around our sun recently!  Don’t miss it!


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Some Additional Questions & Comments:

–I am new to meditation.  I see online they have audio tapes that help get your brain waves in sync.  Do you think that is a good way to learn? any suggestions?

–Hebrews13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

–Some discussion about Cosmology – how planets, comets, and space junk is formed…

–SirT, can you speak about the power plants witts builds and services around the world , also how good does the water from the skywell taste ?

–There was some discussion also about very very large space stations in existence today, one of which SirT had the privilege of riding in (just up far enough to see the curvature of the earth.)  Since the NASA shuttle program was shut down last year, many have wondered “what’s next?”  Probably a little of what’s been being done for decades already, but in secret.


References & Links:


UOBO: Unidentified Orbiting Black Object

Update – Unidentified Object SUN! March 12, 2012 Jupiter Sized Sphere-SUNSFLARE