Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Role of the Holy Spirit in this World Present Day! Part 3

Guest/Topic: Brother Michael – Foreclosures, Mortgages, Banking – How They REALLY Work

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Again, Sir T continues with: The Role of the Holy Spirit in this World Present Day! Part 3 

Tonight’s broadcast is a MUST WATCH for anyone struggling with a home foreclosure issue, or would like to understand what really happens when you take out a loan or mortgage from a bank. 

We’ll be welcoming brother Michael as our guest who will disclose some remarkable information about how banks create money from debt, and where your monthly payment typically ends up.  Find out who really owns the note – its not who you think.

Brother Michael will also cover MERS, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, and how the scheme originally conceived helped banks make money, but has come to be a real headache for them.  Also, learn why the mortgage crises is not at all what the mainstream media portrays.  Someone informed about their mortgage is the bank’s worst nightmare.

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Further Discussion / Some Questions & Comments:

Q: Psron: Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” remained… after pleading 3 times. God said “My grace is sufficient”… and God’s grace is incredibly sufficient…some use that to justify keeping sickness, is that what that scripture means?

Q: Dtinnc: Can you comment on the movie “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

Q: Kdizlesmith: re. Strawman Acct: How do we access the money that is sitting in that ‘strawman’ account from the Federal Reserve?

C: Dtinnc: Lincoln’s “greenback” = debt free money, he did it and we can do it again

Q: Kdizlesmith: What is Michael’s take on the Trust Deed reconveyance paragraph? In all fannie mae and freddit mac deed of trust is says that once the property is sold the property shall be reconveyed.

Q: Kdizlesmith: Reconveyance paragraph never says to whom it is sold thus being ambigious.  When ambiguous language is written it in a contract it must be judicially awarded to the contractee.   Does this give us judicial standing in court to fight for our homes?

Q: Kdizlesmith: Every time the property is transferred or sold it must be recorded it in the county recorders office, in order for anyone to be considered a real party of interest

C: Codzart: Per National Banking Act, are mortgage payments nullified after 5 years? Also, how do you mean “free-and-clear”?

Q: A_oakley: A great source of information on the money/banking system is “Money Masters” by Bill Still. Do you know if these banking people are also behind the suppression of free energy?

Q: Dtinnc: what can i make the flux switch transformer bobbins out of? – can’t find them to buy anywhere, thank you.