WITTS Ministry A Blessing and Another QUEET Helping with Healing from Pain! 

From Brother Frank Adamo



Good day brothers in Christ, thanks for the tips with the pyramid. since i was lead to your site 2 months ago i have been learning so much from sir t’s shows. up to # 50 now. i am learning to build my spirit man and applying what i am learning in the world. recently my brother in law had terible pain from kidney stones. i felt that i should lay hands on him and command the pain to stop. i didn’t have the time to teach him much about the healing power of God at the time because they rushed him to the hospital and shot him up with morphine. but afterwards i was able to give him some cds from thurman shiver on healing and gave him my queet. i told him to put it where the pain is. i spoke to him 2 days later and he told me that the pain was totally gone. bfore i gave him the queet he was taking 8 percasets a day and still had pain. i just wanted to let you know that your ministry is a blessing to the world. i know i am a new covenant partner and have requested alot of stuff from your ministry already but if you can send me another queet i would be very happy. there is so many other things i would like to get from you but in time all good things come. also the Lord has put me in a good investment and when it comes to fruition i plan on making a very large donation to help you help the world. thanks again for your help, God bless