Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The power of Love! The power of God! w/ Kyle Smith!

Guest/Topic: John Wsol – How I get 54mpg on my Honda FIT!!

Further Discussion / Comments & Questions:

–Does your church make you feel like you constantly have to go up to the front to become a Christian all over again? One listener said: “My first church was an Assembly of God where they had many fire and brimstone sermons. When I didn’t know any better I went up multiple times to receive Christ. Obviously I know better know.”
–Simple solutions for inferiority complexes in men.
–We are worthy because Christ is in us and He is worthy!
–Another commented: “It seems the enemy knows how to attack men with that inferiority complex. It is beautiful to know the truth.”

–Cool electrolyser! (electrolyzer)
–I heard that potassium hydroxide eats-up aluminum. Perhaps there is a better solution?
–What about vaporizing the gasoline for the next step up for mileage gain (fogging the fuel)?
–What did you do to fool the CTS, IAT, Map and oxygen sensors?
–Can you suggest help with ECU chip? How does one go about working with that?
–One person tested a “chemical diesel” formula that worked well, used cooking oil filtered, and …____________ –Made it for about 50 cents per gallon, but cold weather messed with it
–What is the best way to run a car on water in your opinion?
–What is the fastest you have gone in a water powered car?
–What the fastest youve gone on a SkyBike?
–Do you have comments on GEET tech?
–What about ammonia for electrolyte?
–Does baking soda put out caustic gases?
–A Great booklet to carry around with you throughout the day is Kenneth E Hagin’s “In Him” takes 5 minutes to read, VERY ENCOURAGING if you are feeling beat up with inferior issues
–Where to get geet plans for a large car?
–Is the 50 miles per gallon figure you’re giving an average of a tank, several tanks, or a single snapshot on the road?

–I saw a deaf mans ears open and a few other healings at an Elijah Challenge healing meeting. Praise Yahweh God Almighty!!!!!!!!!! (In Houston Texas)
–I used what Yeshua Jesus taught by putting my fingers in his ears and it took 4 times commanding and he received 50% average hearing whereas he was deaf. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!

References & Links:

Sir Timothy STRONGLY RECOMMENDS EW Kenyon’s book: New Creation Realities, amongst others.


Here’s some Pics of John Wsol’s work on his car, and the results he experienced in each phase of the project:

Modified air filter apparatus in place, in front of radiator

Modified air filter apparatus in place, in front of radiator

Honda Fit >50mpg Modifications (Battery Area)

Honda Fit >50mpg Modifications (Battery Area)


30mpg Hwy original, >50mpg Hwy after phase 3

Results: Almost 80% mpg increase with modifications to-date!

Fog Tube

Fog Tube Modification on the Honda Fit

Fogger Demo

Honda Fit 50mpg Modification (Fogger Apparatus) Demonstrated



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Tonight’s teaching is titled: The power of Love! The power of God!

Sir T and Brother Kyle will be teaching on this amazing powerful reality!

Brother John Wsol is returning to be our guest.  Using techniques from WITTS, he recently advanced his mileage from 30 mpg to over 50 mpg! He’ll be telling you how he did it and sharing his experience!

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