Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp and Kyle Smith on Take me to your Leader and…  Who is in charge here?

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Nanotechnology, QUEET, and Gravity Wave Communications.  Nikola Tesla, Nathan Stubblefield, Victor Von Falkenstein, and others.

Most of the World’s greatest technologies have come from, or had their origins with, the Ministry.

The cleanup systems discussed last week are in use in some places in India currently.

Gravity Wave Communication Systems – pioneered by the Ministry in the late 1800s, and expanded to intergalactic communications in the 1st half of 1900s by Victor Von Falkenstein.


Victor began work on communications systems __________________?

Ron Brandt invented a process (and gave it to the world) that did what to the task of creating asphalt for roads? ___________________________

What technologies that we currently enjoy on earth did Sir Timothy say originated with The Ministry?

What biblical basis did Sir Timothy refer to justifying who is really “In Charge” on earth?

Who is the ‘god’ of this world (per Scripture)?

What role does the body of Christ play in the “Kingdom of God” here on earth?

What authority do Christ Followers possess that allows them to enact changes on earth?  And, on what basis can that authority be claimed?

What effects does the fostering of a “generation gap” have on people and families today?

What strange happening did Victor Von Falkenstein witness that lent credence to the existence of extra-terrestrial life (aliens to earth)?

What were the recommendations made for the person who asked: “What do you suggest when the devil keeps getting to me through a loved one??? My loved one’s emergencies that I help him with keep coming and wearing me down.  My loved one is not a follower of Jesus.”



Nanotechnology Clip Here.

Recommended movies: Red Planet Mars (1952)

Recommended books: EW Kenyon – New Creation Realities – or buy it online.



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The teaching tonight is titled: Take me to your Leader and…  Who is in charge here?
Sir T and our dear brother Kyle Smith will be discussing the subject.

We’ll also have a brief video on nanotechnology and how WITTS Ministries has been utilizing these principles for development of products such as the Quantum Energy Enhancement Technology – QUEET!

Another interesting topic for the show, Brother Tim Martin again joins us this week for a discussion about Gravity Wave Communication systems.  Nathan Stubblefield & Nikola Tesla pioneered work in this field, but it was later improved upon and utilized to communicate with off planet civilizations.  Another amazing revelation for those of us learning about what can be in our future!

Again, an exciting program that you won’t want to miss!
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