Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on What was Jesus’ Mission?

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Highlighting WITTS’ Technologies

List of WITTS technologies discussed – (All demonstrated, proven, working technologies):

  • N-Machine (5x Overunity) and other versions of the Homopolar Motor
  • Hemisphere Generator (in Youtube vids – wits2014)
  • Stage 3 Quantum Energy Power Generation
  • Sky Bike – Bike that can fly – or drive on normal roads.
  • Sky Well – Water creation out of air! (not just simple air conditioner coil condensation systems – very advanced and very high volume.  A device the size of a small water pumping building could generate enough pure, clean water for a small city!)
  • Water Desalination – Demonstrated For the king of dubai the water desalination devices – , Potash
  • Propulsion Systems and AntiGravity
  • Food Growing Systems – radishes to seed in 3 days – proven already! (that’s 1/10th the time!)
  • Waste Disintigration – different technologies – one of the simplest ones – about the size and a bit heavier than normal one. No septic, city plumbing, no fumes, no pollution – only remnant – diamond dust!
  • Radioactive Contamination Remediation – Virtually anything contaminated can be “cleaned” without destroying it permanently.
  • Radiation Remediation (of radiation in progress)
  • Atmospheric Scrubbers – (could go from city to city flying in and cleaning up air)
  • Transmutation – inexpensive elements transmuted into gold, silver and other precious elements.


Free Energy – Pentagon Conspiracy to Cover up Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGRsQZx6zWA


Greetings and Blessings to All!

We really appreciate all of you who take time to become informed about what can be done to help change our world for the better!

Tonight’s inspirational teaching will be: What was Jesus’ Mission?
What did he accomplish? And what does that give you (and All Gods Children) right now? From the beautiful book of Hebrews (Chapter 2 mostly).

Also this evening we’ll be showing a short video that includes comments by Bruce DePalma, Stan Deyo and other inventors speaking out about the suppression surrounding ‘free energy’ technologies and those who attempt to release breakthrough machines!

We’ll have Brother Tim Martin joining us for a discussion about many of the remarkable technologies WITTS Ministries has ready to help the planet.  Working together, an amazing new age can be our future!

Again, an exciting program that you won’t want to miss!
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We send you our LOVE!  God Bless You!