Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Isaiah 58 – Thine Health Shall Spring Forth Speedily


Brother Rand Urban – Right Fasting, and Wrong Fasting; Being uncomfortable for a good reason, not just the people you see, but those you never meet.  Love and helping vs. Debate!  Debate is NOT biblical, but instead, Love, truth, and great demo’s of God’s power for healing, etc.!

Brother Tom & Ruth Rambow – Miracles Experienced.   They’ve seen many miracles.   Gold dust, Melanomas fallen off, Buddist with cold instantly healed. Broken bones mended, A Resurrection from the dead!  Their faith had been built up by just being at an RW Shambauch meeting.  They reached down and prayed for the lady who turned blue, and an EMS lady said there was no pulse (before the ambulance came) and the Ruth said out loud “she will not die, but she will live! By the authority of Jesus Christ within me I command her life to return!”  Then a bit later the lady reported a pulse, and then the lady woke up, her eyes moved a bit.  The girl wanted to get up, but nobody would let her move.  Ruth told her that she needed to call on the name of the Lord Jesus so she could be healed.  Mk 16, 15-20.  She KNEW if they would lay hands on the sick, they would recover!


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Sir T is healing remarkably well from his recent mishap!  It’s great to have him back heading up the weekly broadcast!

Tonight’s teaching: Isaiah 58 – Thine Health Shall Spring Forth Speedily
What are the requirements to receive this blessing from god?

We’ll have Brother Urban joining us briefly for additional thoughts on these teachings.

Also joining us to share some awesome encounters with God and his power, Brother Rambow will be with us as tonight’s guest!

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