Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The power of Love! The power of God!, Part 2, w/ Kyle Smith

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Working with ETs, and Angels Caught on Camera

Further Discussion / Questions & Comments:

–A few weeks ago you talked about a DC generator made from a spinning copper disk. Does the disk have to be made of copper?
–What was the EW Kenyon page reference? Page 137
–Prayed against three healthy chem trails today and the completely vanished!  Actually I commanded against the ChemTrails.
–Today I rebuked the rain when it was pouring and it stopped. I was amazed, because I live near Portland, OR and it rains all the time.
–Help me with the ET thing. Who are they and where do they come from?
–Are you saying you’ve seen and interacted with some of the grays alien?
–Please speak to those who have come to believe that ET’s are demonic. If some are demonic, it stands to reason that they may be really advanced in this area.
–Have you heard of Alex Collier? He claims to have had extensive contact with ET humans from the Andromedan constellation in the Milky Way. According to him the Grays work for an evil malevolent reptilian race. Says The grays as a race are dying out too…
–Can we design a force field around our cities? To protect from this UFO invasion?
–I saw an angel come to take my Grandpa home. There was a hard thunderstorm going on and it instantly parted and Grandpa breathed his last breath. 10 seconds later he was gone and the storm resumed.
–The Angel in the Hospital is like the Mom who prayed for her boy in a coma. He woke up with messages from God and knew all Bible Scripture. Said he was with Jesus.   See story at: http://jesus-loves-you.org/?p=5357&fb_source=message
–Are you familiar with Hank Hanegraaff “Bible Answer Man” he seems to be down on faith, e.g. Kenyon, Hagin, etc.?
–Could u talk about the ants in your hotel?


EW Kenyon Book reference from last week – “New Creation Realities” – EW Kenyon

If you’re scared, worried, have any anxiety about the future, then above All: Spend Time with God – He offers the Greatest Protection you could ever have, and will give you HIS peace, and the ability to overcome all the problems in your path.


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Tonight’s teaching is continued from last week’s broadcast: The power of Love! The power of God! Part 2.
Brother Kyle will be joining Sir T again, teaching on this fundamental reality!


In past shows, Sir T has talked about working on classified secret projects along side extra-terrestrial beings.  Many scientists and engineers working on these hidden bases have had similar experiences.  Tonight we’ll have a short video of another engineer speaking out about working with ET.


Also, brother Tim Martin will join the discussion, and time permitting, will have an additional clip showing evidence of angels at work.  One of his favorite topics.

Another exciting program that you won’t want to miss!  If you can’t be with us live, check out previous shows on Vimeo.
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