Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Stupidity Is Terminal! / Knowledge is Abundant LIFE!

Guest/Topic: Brother Vitaliy from Ukraine – Fantastic Evidence of Creation Science!

Further Discussion:

Earth actually de-evolving because most reject the only knowledge that can save them – Truth!






Greetings in the name of Our Messiah Jesus! (Yeshua)


We pray blessings on each and everyone of you!


We had been teaching the last 4 weeks on financial success and we have received many wonderful reports of God blessing peoples businesses and work recently! We will schedule some of these as guests for the upcoming programs!


By the leading of The Lord, tonight Sir T will be teaching his famous teaching titled;


 Stupidity Is Terminal! / Knowledge is Abundant LIFE! 


Why is the world in such a mess? 


Why does it seem wherever we look News, TV, Internet, There is so much confusion and disinformation, ans so few have the solutions?


What are the solutions?


Sir T will be expounding on this, as well as revealing the wonderful answers for all of us and for ALL mankind!


Our guest will be our dear brother Vitaliy, from the Ukraine. Bringing us some fantastic evidence of creation science. 


He is a scientist and a evangelist. On fire for God!


All in all a exciting program that you wont want to miss!


Tell your friends!


Invite everyone!




God bless you all!


And thank you for being the most important part of The World Improvement Team!