Teaching: Brother Kyle Smith on The time is NOW for being a DOER of the Word of God!

Guest/Topic: Tim Litke / Tim Martin – Banking & Scams!

Further Discussion:

Kyle says also watch “Theft by deception” and other great videos out there.

Dtinnc says to watch the free youtube video called “the secret of oz” by Bill Still

Brother Martin also described some of the other amazing things he witnessed while at the WITTS lab.










Greetings to all, in the name of our Messiah Jesus! (Yeshua)

We’ve got an unusual show tonight!

In the past few days Sir T experienced an accident, placing him in the hospital.  Unfortunately, he will likely not be joining us for the program.  He has indicated the show must go on, so it shall!  I know the WITTS partners and friends will be exercising their authority and Sir T will be back very soon!  We’ll have more info and an update on his condition tonight.

Our dear Brother Kyle Smith will join us with the teaching tonight:
The time is NOW for being a DOER of the Word of God!

Why do we see so much poverty, disease, defeatism, laziness, and general fear in the world?

Too many believers have been taught, and now believe that Christianity is a spectators sport only.

Tonight we will learn what God’s word, The Holy Bible, teaches about sitting by and watching what is going on in the world, versus getting up and learning to do our portion. (James 1:21-24 and 2:14-26)

Brother Kyle is a passionate speaker and will be motivating us all to take charge of our lives!

Also tonight, we’ll be showing video with CPA (certified public accountant) Al Wagner discussing loans, credit, money and how it is created.  Most of us have been taught very little about how our banking system really works and where money comes from.  This is sure to open a few eyes and ears!  That mortgage, car payment, or foreclosure will not be viewed the same!  Start learning what the elite bankers don’t want you to understand!

Brother Litke and myself (Brother Martin) will be hosting the show, so tune in – you never know what might happen!

Again, an exciting program that you won’t want to miss!
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We send you our LOVE!  God Bless You!

10PM Eastern USA time. www.justin.tv/worldimprovement

The World Improvement Team