Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on 3 biblical keys to financial success, Pt 5

Guest/Topic: John Wsol – Cosmology, Fields & Aether

Further Discussion:

Some questions discussed on the program:

  • Would a pyramid still be effective if it were buried underground?
  • Also, how big do the magnets need to be, and what is the proper placement of them in regards to the pyramid?
  • What your take is on what we are to become rich or abundant for: what purpose?
  • And What do you think the economy of Heaven looks like?
  • What can you tell us about Nibiru?
  • What are the four categories of ETBE’s that the government uses?
  • Have you heard about the inner earth that can be accessed from the north and south poles? Supposedly the people that live there are very tall and live for hundreds of years.
  • Are we entering another dimension when our solar system travels in view of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in Dec. 2012?
  • Sir T, the light through the thing on your back went through the bad cells first.  They were on the surface were they not?  Why would that still work?

Other topics discussed:

  • A man gave testimony of another man prayed with to grow another leg. He was told to buy a pair of shoes. He put the shoe on his stub and another leg grew out.  This was a Smith Wigglesworth happening.
  • I heard a satellite travels over the north and south poles, and the satellite was not put up by us!




       Greetings to all ! In the name of our savior Jesus

                the Messiah of all mankind! (Yeshua)


Tonight Sir T will be continuing his teaching on the 3 biblical keys to financial success.


What made Solomon the Wealthiest man to ever live? So much so, that even today, thousands of years later, people still talk about Solomon’s mines, Movies are still written and produced About Solomon and his Kingdom. Etc.


Tonight we will be learning about why God blessed him. And how you can receive those same blessings. Our Great God does not show favoritism or partiality. (Acts 10:34-43)


A exciting topic that you will not want to miss!


Our special; Guest this evening is our dear brother John Wsol, Who always has some amazing insights into Cosmology!


He will be further expounding on how the Universe was made, and how it continues to function in Gods great and wonderful design. (More accurately, the Multi-verse, or Cosmos)


A fascinating program, that you will not want to miss!


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