Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Finances – How to Materialize What We Need – Pt1

Guest/Topic: Raul Angel – Miracle Power He’s Seen Personally

Anointing, fasting and prayer increasing anointing and miracles.  Benefits of regular fasting.

Fasting helps spirit, mind, body, thought clear up.  You can hear God better, more clearly.

Further Discussion: Philadelphia Experiment, Wormholes




Greetings to all, In the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ. 


The Lord has directed us to teach on finances. How to materialize what we need!


Many are hurting financially, What is the solution? Does God provide our every need? What is the secret to opening the floodgates of heaven?


These questions, and more, will be answered tonight on the first 20 min of our program.



Our guest will be our dear brother Raul Angel!

A man who is half Native American, and who wields The Power Of God!


He will be sharing some of the miracle power manifestations that God has done for him. Also some testimonies and some of his secrets/keys to operating in the Reality of God. 


Questions welcome!

Questions start now and can be sent by return email. Just be sure to put in the subject”QUESTIONS FOR THE SHOW”. (Also can be asked on chat window during the program)



10PM Eastern USA time




God Bless You ALL!


From The World Improvement Team!