Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Does God want YOU to Prosper? Pt 2

Guest/Topic: Randall Urban – Experience with Homemade Pyramid Grids for Health

Further Discussion: Invisibility cloak on tape in a war zone; Ancient civilizations and their mysterious feats and mysterious sources of power, Dominant Energy is living energy and is in a form, in pyramid power.




Greetings in the Name of Messiah, Jesus! (Yeshua)

On the broadcast tonight, Sir T will be continuing his teaching on “Does God want YOU to Prosper?” And if so, why is it that so many, are NOT prospering?

After the brief motivational speech, we will be showing 2 amazing video clips.  One of a “Invisibility suit” that the ministry helped developed years ago.  (It looks like others have improved it)

The other clip is translated into English.  In many parts of the world, it is now considered established Scientific fact that the Egyptians used advanced energy systems.  Some pictures remain to this day, as well as plenty of other evidence.

Brother Randal Urban is our guest this evening. Experimenter and Scientist in training, as well as an Excellent Carpenter and all around Handyman.

He has been doing some amazing work with building pyramid grids out of hardwood. And having excellent results in helping health and sleep disorders.

Randal’s Hand-Crafted Pyramid Grids are now being offered by the ministry for those who donate. Check our Gifts page on our website.

Overall, a captivating program that you will not want to miss!

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In The Great LOVE of God, may God Bless You All!

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