Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How To Win Every Battle In Life

Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Shocking Messages Found on Surfaces of Gold made by Special Metallurgical Processes!




 Greetings to all! In the Wonderful name of our Messiah Jesus (In Hebrew, Yeshua)


Sir T will be teaching on “How To Win Every Battle In Life”.


Is there one simple spiritual principle that will make you a WINNER every-time? (In every battle of life)


Is there one principle that if practiced backward, will make you lose every-time?


Is there one simple key to winning?


Yes! We will be teaching and sharing Scriptures and experiences along these lines. 


Also reviewing some basics on how to keep your Spirit man strong, And build up your spirit muscles to a truly astounding extent!


Challenging times are ahead, But our Great God has Awesome solutions!


Our guest and co-host will be brother Timothy Martin.


We have an amazing topic and some pictures, we will be showing, some pictures of an ancient form of writing that spontaneously shows up on spheres of pure gold, as a result of a newly-discovered metallurgical process.


Looks a little like a language symbol or an insect-like structure (how to win)

Strange Picture Appears on Gold Sphere

These writings have been translated, and the translations might shock you!


An exciting program, that you will not want to miss!



10 PM Eastern USA time.


Questions and comments are the last 20 min. All are welcome and they start now.


In The Great LOVE of God, may God Bless You All!


The World Improvement Team