Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Who We Are In Christ

Guest: Timothy Martin

Guest Topic: Earth “Groaning” Sounds & Exotic Energies at Mainstream Universities

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Chemtrails: ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’  Full-Length Documentary –

The writeup for the chemtrails documentary at forbiddenknowledgetv.com:


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Greetings to all! In the wonderful name of Jesus our Messiah! (Yeshua)


Sir Timothy will be sharing on who we are in Christ. Along these lines a short video of strange groaning sounds coming from the earth, herself, in various parts of the world.

“All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God” Romans 8: 22

The books of both Daniel tell of “Great Exploits”, great victories for God, that the sons of God will do in these final days.

How do we participate in those?

How do we do “the works of Jesus? And even greater works then these?”

Tune in tonight and find out.

Our guest will be brother Timothy Martin of Enlightened Technologies.

He and Sir Timothy will be showing a short video clip proving beyond any doubt, that free energy and anti-gravity are no longer considered fringe sciences, but are in mainstream universities. (And have been, for many years)

An exciting program that you will not want to miss!



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