Testimonies from Philippine Healing Crusades in Tuguegarao (and Surrounding Area)

Over 1200 people surrendered their life to God during these meetings, and the miracle of salvation is the greatest miracle of all! These email confirmations came from a person living in the Philippines who was able to confirm that these people stated they were healed. This is only a small portion of the thousands who experienced healings during the ministry meetings in many cities. Approximately 90% of these healings were noticeable within 20 minutes, because that’s when they would come back up and testify to everyone what had happened.
NOTE1: The term “High Blood”, in the Philippines, means dizziness, headaches, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis of limbs and different parts of the body.  The term it probably is closest to here in the USA is “high blood pressure”.  But, because they eat so much salt over there, its a lot more severe and life-threatening.
NOTE2: “Healing of Wisdom” refers to them GETTING WISDOM.  In fulfillment of the scripture in James, first chapter, “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God. For He gives generously.”  WITTS ministry has had a special anointing to impart wisdom in this manner (Teaching, Prayer of faith, and laying on of hands.)  We have seen Many Amazing Miracles regarding people suddenly getting wisdom (and sudden mentality Increase, Sudden jump in I.Q.)

PERTO GUILLERMO: Healed of blood clot he had for almost 1 year that made leg useless.
MERING GUILLERMO: Healed of stoke and body pain had made her bedridden for almost 1 year.
ANNA: Healed of asthma she had for almost 2 weeks.
MAJIE MAQUERRA: Healed of shoulder pain and dizziness she had for almost 1 week.
HELEN: Healed of blurry eye and arthritis and leg pain she had for almost 1 week.
PAZ MAQUERA: Healed of dizziness (had 5 days) and got clear eyesight.
TARSING: Healed of difficulty hearing and arthritis and leg pain she had.
OLIMPIA GUILLERMO: Healed of arthritis, body pain, dizziness.
ARCELY GUILLERMO: Healed of her body pain and voice (couldn’t speak.)  God enabled her to speak.  She also had large black sores all over her body and was healed of that.
LORING: Healed of difficulty kneeling.  God enabled her to kneel (had been unable to bend knees for almost 1 month.)
LYDIA GUILLERMO: Healed of arm pain and received clear eyesight.
RUBEN GUILLERMO: Healed of sinusitis that had given him a runny nose for almost 2weeks.
LAGRING: Healed of high blood pressure, and dizziness for almost 1week.
BEBEI: Healed of high blood sugar she had for almost 2weeks.
MERING: Healed of blood pressure and arthritis and leg pain she had almost 3 months.
GIGI RASGO: Restored to good health.
JOSIE: Healed of shoulder pain she had for almost 4 days.
BERNARDO: Healed of prostate swelling.
ESTER: Healed of dizziness and body pain.
NORMA: Healed of blurry eye.
JOY: Healed of diabetes and kidney problems.
LAZARO: Healed of  body pain.
NORMA: Healed of diabetes.
KENNETH PAUL: Healed of  heart problem.
JULIET PASCUA: Healed of goiter.
ANA VALENZUELA: Healed of kidney problem.
DOLORES FUERTES: Healed of arthritis.
SHIRLEY SORIANO: Healed of nervous breakdown and high blood.
LOLITA TUBERA: Healed of high blood and arthritis.


DANELLA: Healed of runny nose.
NANI RASGO: Healed of stomach pain she had experienced for 3days.
OLIVER GUILLERMO: Healing of wisdom.
ELIAS GUILLERMO: Healed of runny nose.
IVORY GUILLERMO: Healed of toothache and coughing.
ONIOK: Healed of runny nose and coughing also received wisdom.
KETONG: Healed of toothache.


BOB DA KENGKO: Healed of asthma he had had for almost 2 weeks.
ARCHIE: Healed of UTI and asthma he had had for almost 1 year.
BENJIE: Healed of sinusitis and behavioral problems (similar to ADHD.)

Glory to God forevermore!